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My Idea of the "Perfect" Girl - Love and Romance

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So, my dream, doesnt mean it has to be, for some reason is to be with someone in the military. I love there bravery and maturity. It attracts me. Plus, who doesnt love a girl in uniform? I really dont care about looks but I do love girls eyes' and I would always prefer her to be taller than me (5'7'') but Im seeing that that is hard to come across. lol. (Especially when Im in heels) Im really looking for a female prince charming. Someone that I can go to when Im in trouble or just need a listening ear. Someone that can be my best friend, my therapist, my girlfriend, my everything. Someone that is interested in spending quality time, cuddling at night, watching movies, taking walks, having long personal talks, and just...a sweetheart. Is bold but knows how to filter. lol. Can make me laugh on my worst days, surprises me without notice, is looking for true love and not just looking for fun. If you're reading this, you have no idea how desperately Ive been looking for my dream girl. I promise you, Im not a waste of your time and you wont regret meeting me. Im on facebook and use yahoo. Also, if you have a verizon cell phone I can text you. Or of course we can just talk on here. Im serious. Im looking for true, honest, loving love!

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