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Would you mind your partner working at a sex toy company?


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Hi, Everyone,

I am Jason, So glad being a member of gays.com.  Recently, I found my partner was crazy after changing his job to a sex toy company  (I am not spam).  He never used a sex toy before working at that company, Today when I collect items to his bag, a portable masturbator occurs.  Why he still uses a masturbator even living with me? I don't want to hurt his self-respect so I don't want to ask him.  Does anyone know the reason? 

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He might be training for you ! Just ask him to invite you to his private party and join the fun yourself ;)

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I'd be his toy play on and dont forget to share your toys

1 hour ago, Loaner3232 said:

Are you down with me and you fucking each other I would like my cock sucked but we can do each other 

100% yes

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