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Not sure how something works? Having trouble getting around the site?

This is the first place to come to for help! In this Forum you can find answers about the features and functions on Gays.com. Such as, the video chat, the membership packages, the 18+ check, etc.

You can help out other members to make sure all have an enjoyable experience on Gays.com.

If you don’t receive the help you need just send us an email.

Have fun and play nice! ​ヅ

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So why can't I enter the lesbian room as a MTF? I get along better with lesbians so pretty much, now my only option is to go to the rainbow room, which really doesn't interest me much... so basically, I can't chat here anymore... thanks a lot?


Hey Natalie
Thanks for the heads up! Like we announced, we're in Beta mode so we have a few things to iron out! I've sent this to the devs and we will get right on it! Hang tight...please!


What's with all of the "bugs"? It seems that you're cutting off 16 and 17 year-olds by changing their ages to 18. I already asked this and got a BS answer. Now my age says I'm 87. I seriously hope all of these bugs get fixed...


Sorry about all the bugs, Amanene. We are in Beta mode and appreciate you all reporting these bugs so we can get the site working properly. I changed the year of your DOB. Let me know if it's correct...I'll send you a message privately so I can sort this out for you.

With regard to the ages...16 year olds are welcome, but due to legalities, they won't have access to 18+ content. I hope this was less of a BS answer, and am happy to discuss more...let me know. Mistee ツ

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