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I'm back again with another discussion going to crank the heat up a bit with this one, haven't written u guys in awhile since my last discussion which i've enjoyed reading! Still heartbreakin but willin to quit this life for stability a Playgirl like me will eventually retire but i guess not today lol! (my last relation didn't work out well "C'est la vie").

Tell me if this sounds familar:
Its gotten my attention recently that there is alot of DL action goin on with certain "girls" who live there lives as lesbian on the internet but in real life is straight more likely marry or have a bf. She prefers the company of lesbians only cuz bi girls like me are "evil" thats bcuz girls like me put girls like her on blast, if ur not gay or bi then why are u pretending for jus attention cuz ur dude won't give u none? (see what i mean lol). (btw that a stereotype, im not evil jus a bit naughty) Why i said that last comment b-cuz she doesn't want the girl who she is "talkin" to have any outside relations with the opposite/same sex. its only fine for her cuz she either claims she's not with him no more or jus not telling she still living with him or he visit her, the point is HE still in the picture and probably hanging on the wall somewhere lol.

"Does this sounds like someone u knw or heard about before?"
Lets call her "internet lez", wants to have her cake and ice cream. I knw what ur probably thinking, "Now Romeo's Girl suppose i met her in person, then what?" Well if u met in person u still gotta be weary for these reasons:
1) if she has dude in her place and he doesn't object to the fact that his woman is goin out with you better mind cuz he knws and probably thinking in the long run he's going to get a 3sum out of this, if not watch u2 in action while he tugs his boat.
2) he doesn't knw and thinks ur a friend she made up a whole story that ya'll went to the same school and ya didn't! (dum-dum don't fall for that get up) don't built ur relationship on lies!
3) she got kids but want u to raise them instead (finanical and personally) b-cuz she can't stand him no more, dum-dum don't get caught up in this internet lez drama by playing daddy day care.

l wonder why some go through all this maybe she jus wanna experiment lol? She still wanna live her straight life because i guess it looks good on the surface to her beside this kind of female is not mentally able to handle a gay lifestyle and probably bashes it behind ur back,
"Oh im not gay, fuck dat gay shit!, i hate women and etc!"
I wouldn't even get my hopes high up for sex u might get mostly phone sex before u ever receive ur first ice cream lick from her. She most likely don't want nobody to knw she's doin this and truth be told u can't get pregant by a girl(if that was true i would of had about 3 or 5 baby mommas lol) and this probably exicites her more which is more of a reason y its u and not another male its the icing on the cake. Here's the crazy part u will most likely not have any sex barely a kiss with her. She is a ninja b*tch (Ninja Bitch- (n) a woman who knws ur attracted to her sexually but manipulates and intentionally uses u to her benefit) not a shy curiose girl, she's playin u without u gettin any cuz she get that from her man you are jus the cuddle b*tch meaning u get everything intimate but SEX.
Its crazy the more i keep talkin to girls and i here stories how they got played by an internet lez, its so sad like watchin straight girls kiss at a gay bar so not into that they jus want attention lol

I notice that "internet lez" likely prefer a stud so fems and in betweens is out the question for u still look like a "girl", (i knw it sucks right?).
Internet lez is on a rise spreading false info on different orientations and lifestyles. To us real GLBT this is not a fetish or a game, we live, breath, and eat (lol take it anyway u like cuz i knw i am) but dammit were living true to ourselves. Why pretending in most cases the poor girl end up fallin for the internet lez to later on get her heart broken cuz she decided she wants to live her "straight life" honestly i don't knw why. Internet lez ur so 2.0.

This has been ur PSA brought to u by aka Romeo's Girl

peace, luv and smiles everyone!


Wow, that is some terrrible stuff. But truth be told, some straight woman come on to lesbians every once in a while to have a little excitement and i have had that happen to me when i was younger. yes, she knew I was and kept playing with my hair and teasing me and firting with me and then i finally asked her if she was trying to seduce me and she kind of kicked the dirt and said she wanted to. So she came to se me several times or more. That was when I had lose morals and no one at the time. Then she moved. But Internet lez does not surprize me. who knows what goes on in the house of the person of the person you are having some sexual encounter with or how many people are listening. guys never take woman serious about woman having tryst with woman. It just gets them off. Thanks for the info.


I know just what you mean, I went out with this woman cause it was a friend of a friend ya know what I mean, well she pulled that crap I'm not gay blah blah blah. and she had a b/f on the side, she was trying to get me to admit I was sexually attracted to her. I was like whatever, I told her I can do one thing your man can't and, she said and what is that, I told her I could eat her out until she couldn't walk. Now let see your b/f do that. I was glad when the night was over, trust me she was thinking about what I told her, cause she was rubbing herself all over me, I was like you better call your man cause I'm not falling for your bs, I left and went home. I cussed my friend out for even setting me up with her.


Good for you Jodie!! Games people play! People are just so bored with their lives and usually its the stupid ones who can't think past their pants that cause other problems for others. You just have to realize you are weak at that moment and get the hell out of there before you make the mistake of your life!
We all get lustful and horny and want to have fun but sometimes that can cloud our judgement and we want a little excitement too sometimes but its needs to be with someone you can trust and someone who is honest!!

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