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It's something we all crave & it never changes - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Went to go see a movie by yourself and there's a couple stting in front of you being all mushy and lovey-dovey?
&You're sitting there just blankyly staring thinking,"sigh, I wish I had that."

or... have you been the odd one out when it came to parties and kick-backs because everyone has some one and you're just a plus one with no one?

OR... you're sitting with an amazing guy/girl and you connect with them truely and you're like this could be it.....and then.....their cell phone rings and they tell you they got to go because their boyfriend/girlfriend locked their keys in the car again?

I've been through all those things and I hate it,lol. There's nothing to like about being single when all you want is to be loved. Lol, I know I sound all mr. emo/lonely/distant/pessimestic/doom cookie about not finding love, but I've got a plan,lol.

I'll set myself up with a goal!
my goal:
To not be single by the end of this month,lol.
I'm not going to have a cliche goal that says i'm not going to spend another valentines day watching people on television have their happy ending.
Okay well mine's (my goal) is sort of like that,lol. But I'm not going to sit on the couch and have my friend walk in or call me saying that this and that person are now a couple...I want to be the one that says to my friend,"i'm dating someone and we are a couple!!"

lol.....so yeah just thought I'd get all of this out of my head,lol, thanks for reading/listening to me rant,lol.
have a great day:]


sydney i totaly agree with you.
me been post op trans makes it even harder.
i went throught lots of tears over many yrs not been able to find a female partener.

now i am over it and have come to relise that its just to hard and that it wont happen so i have been able to put that wall up and move on and forget about ever finding love.
i am now a lot more happy and dont worry about that crap any more.
i realy hope you can find some one.


Good luck guy. I've been through it all,and sometimes I've been lucky,but then again it never lasted more than three years,so Now I take medication for depression,when all I really am is lonely. One thing I can tell you is to not let your want of love blind you. Don't give away your heart without receiving theirs.


All I can say is good luck. I pretty much gave up on that and decided to do some more work on myself(i.e. my art as a method of catharsis). According to everyone else, though, I seem happier and somehow appear more attractive(?).
It's funny how the moment you stop looking, things start to change. Not like it matters anymore though..
You set your goal, so we all expect to hear how it's going for you. Now go out and make some positive things happen


I know how you feel. The complete awkwardness that comes over you when you see that couple across from you expressing what they have can make any single person a bit crestfallen.


first, believe in your self, even when those feelings come know that you are as good as them. don't let any one make you feel that you aren't as good as those that have some one. write down about the person that you want to be with to the place were you know it and tell every one that ask you about the person that you are with. I don't think its any ones business unless you want to tell them.

this does not do any about what is deep within you, you have to fight your mind!!



With so many people looking for love, why is the search so difficult?

It is, however, important that you love a person and not fall in love simply with the concept of love. It is equally critical that you not become desperate and settle for a terrible match. That solution only makes you more miserable in the long run.

From observation, people tend to find love when they least expect it. You might meet someone almost anywhere (gym, party, market, library, club/organization, etc.). My view is you maximize your chances by participating in many activities and events.

My firm belief is that there is someone for each of us. So never give up.

Long Beach, California

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Wow O_O

Honestly I didn't think anyone would read what I wrote, I'm happy I caught your attention.

It kinda sucked when i read the comments about people giving up...but then I read the last comment (the one above this one from David of Long Beach,Cali.)
"My firm belief is that there is someone for each of us. So never give up."

Brilliant word choice.

Leece, Johnny, &Robert:
Please don't give up on something that will make you happy. I'm young and often (more than often) told I'm naive and maybe it's true but if it makes me naive to say that i believe in love then yes i am naive:]
Anyway, don't give up,you'll be missing out if you do.

Lmfao, you totally understand that awkwardness that just incases me when people are all lovey-dovey. I'll be like...okay(slowly begins to walk away backwards) Lol.

David&Al (&everyone else):
Thanks for the advice:]

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