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Bisexuality - Ever suffered prejudice within the community?

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Depending on what time you're reading this, tomorrow is Bisexuality Visibility Day (23 September) and if you've not seen the latest article 14 myths about bisexuality busted? then have a read.

The article got me thinking and remembering my own experiences. Although I identify as a gay man I still sometimes get backhanded comments from gay guys when I say I had serious sexual relationships with women in my past. At the time I thought that their reaction was down to the fact that they thought that bisexuality wasn't 'serious' or I was just 'experimenting'. I was after all, gay. I was in my twenties when I was seeing women and had a happy two year relationship as a result. I don't think I was 'confused' or 'experimenting', I loved this person. What surprised me the most was the reaction not from straight people but from other gay guys who thought I was 'letting the side down'.

So my questions is: considering we're making progress on LGBT issues, do you feel that there's still a lot of prejudice within the gay community towards bisexuals?

Below is a great vintage-stlye short video taken from the Bi Visibility Day website that'll hopefully raise a chuckle, but it does make you think. If you're on Twitter, take part in the Big Bi Tweet 2014 to raise awareness.


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