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new in town (sort of) - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Hey guys, I've just moved back to Colchester, after 11 years living in Scotland, and I've not had any action in a while, was wondering where's good to go?
Can anyone help me out


how about a naughty weekend in Blackpool / London


i would like a naughty night at my place


Hello Russell, try the link below. I do believe the answers you seek, you might find here. Normally, one link leads to another. I had to Google your location (I'm a Canadian and had no idea where the heck you're located) and it took a tad but I eventually found what I was looking for (I think). Give it a go and perhaps you might tap into something. I don't know if Squirt reaches out in your area but I've enclosed their web link too. In closing, the last link might be of more interest to you, since it's been a tad since your last shag.



The first link may be of some use (I hope) Cheers m8!

ACTION FOR MEN ( I just found this link)


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