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a poem that my baby wrote me wanted to share.. - Love and Romance

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She brings a smile to my face...
With every touch...Every embrace
The sound of her voice...
The reflection of her smiling face...
Brightens my world...Enlightens my day
For she is everything I could have asked for...
Coming into my life like a ray of sun on a cloudy day
Breaking every shackle...
Tearing down this wall brick by brick
Placing her hand on my heart...
The one thing I kept locked up...
The one thing I truly kept hidden.
Touching my soul...Speaking deep down to my inner being
This is the one thing that she wants to treasure
Is she really for me? Is she really my queen?
I threw in the towel and stopped trying to defend
Not looking for love...
But my real love captured my soul and found the me within.
Love is unconditional...She says she'll love me unconditionally
So here I stand in this unfamiliar world...
I know you love me...And i definitely love her
For she is the only one who took this journey past my being...
She pierced my soul...She captured my heart...And she really, truly and unconditionally loves me.
So I'm going to love her forever...Forever and a day
Promise that you'll never leave...And here is where you will always stay.
So I open my door...And I hand her a box
Open it I say...Here is the key to my heart.
I get down on one knee...She already knows what I'm thinking...
I search with my eyes into her inner being...
For she is the only woman who has shook me to my inner core
And allowed me to realize...True love is exactly what I asked for.
With the soft touch of her hands...
And the sweet kiss of her lips...
Together we equal forever
In our own world where our love for one another is endless!

Poem written by my baby for me

i just wanted to share with this poem that my baby wrote me with everyone..


wow that is truly beautiful that's how my lady and i feel but can' put into words thank you for sharing


no problem... i like to share things that my baby dose for me... i just love this poem so i felt the need to share it..


That's sweet. I sure would love to meet someone who made me feel that way.
Hope you are still doing well.


That's a beautiful poem.

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