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Worth The Wait - Looking for LOVE!!!


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Worth The Wait
As I wrote a while ago, “ When all is said and done, if I have to wait my entire time on Earth for the Love of My Life, and only get to spend a single hour with him, it will still have been worth the wait.”
I still believe in my heart that I have yet to meet the “Love of My Life.” I know I’m not the greatest looking guy, especially now that I’m older, but I do have a good heart, a loving spirit, and a lot of life still to live. I’m basically open and honest with whomever I come in contact with, whether in person or on-line.
There are a lot of guys out there who will say or do anything to get you interested in them, including posting very sexy or revealing photos of themselves (thinking that’s all most guys want to see). I guess there are guys that only want to see a lot of photos, but I’m more interested in knowing the guy from the inside, especially the mind, heart, and soul. I know I’m probably the exception rather than the rule, but it’s just who I am. So, because I like to know about a guy, I usually say to them, “I want to know as much about you as you feel comfortable telling me.” I’m not pushy and don’t want them telling me anything they don’t want to. You’d be surprised, though, just how much they’re willing to share once they know it’s not expected of them.
I know there’s a myth that older guys are more secure financially, so some guys give them what they want for something in return. Not a very good way to begin any relationship or even a friendship.
I, myself, have a decent life, nothing flashy, just decent. I love my life. I love living in Las Vegas, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Still, with all I have in my life, I have yet to find that one guy, that love everyone hopes to find. I’ve written a few things on this including, “A Love Letter to Someone,” in hopes that the right guy would read it and know in his heart, it was meant for him. I know he’s out there, somewhere, waiting for me as long as I have been waiting for him. Both of us, searching, yet patiently waiting for the moment when we finally find each other. I still I believe in my heart it will happen. I have this never-ending faith that one day I will be sitting here writing about him and he will be next to me with his loving arm around me, smiling with each loving word I write.
He is already in my heart. All he needs to do is find his way to me and take his rightful place in my life. Until then, I will continue on, as I always have; a “hopeful romantic” with a soul full of faith, and a heart full of hope. I have plenty of time, so I will patiently search for him, knowing the instant I meet him, our eyes totally fixed on one another, that he is the one I have waited for all this time.
Like the proverbial alarm clock (if there is such a thing), my heart will signal the end of my journey to him and my life will be as I have always imagined it would be. My soul, my heart, and my life will align with his, bringing us together, at last, as we were meant to be.
It really will have been worth the wait.


Whenever I hear people around me asking if there will be anybody out there for them I have always told them this; "always believe in destiny . "Destino". What is destined to be, will be. You just have to be 'open' enough to be able to sense it when it comes.
I have been married for the past 12 years but my family have just migrated to another country. I made sure they are financially secured in their new environment and till now I have not decided whether to follow or not.
Two years ago I met somebody, another guy ten years my junior and is set to marry this year. We fell madly in love with each other and we both experienced life like we never had. He wants to continue the relationship even when he gets married but I believe it is wiser to end it and let him live his new life without encumbrances. He is telling me that I am not being fair, that he tried to understand my situation when my family was still here and I did not have much time for us. Now that I am free (in a way) and he is going to get married he wants me to extend the same understanding. I can understand his reasoning but believe me the circumstances are not the same.
Deciding to leave him will break us both. I know. I never thought I can really love another man till we met. I am not sure If I can ever, again.
Whew! such is life right? They say you can not have your cake and eat it too. But why is that?
Nah! Like you William I know I will get over this and that there is someone out there for me. I am taking my time at the moment. I go out on dates yes, I do get a lot of proposals too. It's just that I feel I have not found the right person yet. I'm waiting for the magic to come in... for the sparks to show...because real love, if it is meant for you, will always be magical!


Yes, It will be "Worth The Wait."

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