Are you here because you know gay tribes or at least have heard of them? But do you also know the secret of the gay tribes? They describe an optical preference of a stereotype person. This means that we classify ourselves into categories and look at only the looks.




Almost everyone does this, sometimes unconsciously - regardless of whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, one likes slim or chubby, hairy like a Wolf or less hairy like a Twink. Some like the jock type, others don't. Gay tribes are common in the gay scene and so integrated that many people no longer even think about the fact that there must have been a time when they were still "secret" and hardly anyone knew what the terms were.


Everything used to be different: origin of the Gay Tribes

Where do the gay tribes, like the twinks, jocks or daddies, actually come from? The origin comes from America in the 1960s. At a time when it was forbidden to be "non-straight," when there were harsh penalties for being attracted to the same sex, LGBT society had to go underground. So that nobody noticed anything, the tribes were used as code words, so it was easier for gay men to recognise their own kind and to find a partner this way. Slander or public hate speech could be avoided in this way. Coming out was a dangerous thing to do in the 1960s. Coming out was extremely rare too. Incidentally, this term also comes from the period.


Feeling part of a gay tribe

Why do some gay men feel like they belong to a gay tribe? When we're children we learn to not categorise people. Categorising people is wrong, isn't it? Anyone with a preference for Butch (a homosexual person who appears very masculine) or Leather (someone with a leather fetish) is in good hands by now. Putting people in drawers is not as negative in the gay scene as it is in some other places. Most people find it very pleasant to feel like they belong to a gay tribe.

Encountering a classic twink, for example, is quite difficult. A twink describes a very young guy who is completely hairless and slim. That would be a bit like trying to find someone by their zodiac sign but not finding anyone who fits a single description. It's the same with the gay tribes.



Feeling part of a gay tribe can feel so good - have you tried? 🥰


The gay tribes today

Today, gay tribes are more interesting when looking for a partner and are no longer used as a secret code word, as they used to be. Society has become more open and there is more acceptance of the LGBT scene. However, it's still difficult for gay bears or athletic jocks to find like-minded people, especially in public places. Online, this categorization makes it easier for you to “look around” for your preference. For example, if a sissy is looking for a daddy, he will stay in their circle. Gay tribes are and will remain pigeonholes that represent visual preferences and are not the only criterion when choosing a partner.


Which Gay Tribe do you belong to? Have a look at our Gay Tribe catalogue and add your tribes to your profile! 🤩

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