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Tell a straight person this is a place where men can have endless anonymous sex in an array of private cabins, darkrooms, glory holes and communal areas, and their fascination will know no bounds. These places are generally unique to gay men, though some saunas holds nights for lesbians. The size of the steam room is beside the point. You’re not going there to open up your pores, but to open up another part of your anatomy – or someone else’s depending on your preference. Get lucky, and you may bump into a porn star; but on a bad day you can pace the corridors for hours looking for that elusive fuck.
This is certainly one of the most popular scenarios in gay male porn: the strapping coach putting the willing student through his paces after a sweaty game of soccer. It’s a typical high school fantasy - and not just the preserve of gay men: how about that hot lady hockey teacher of your adolescent dreams? In adult life, thanks to gay gyms (which frequently double up as saunas), you can make these locker rooms fantasies realities. If you’re in a non-gay space be cautious and make sure your advances are welcome. Even if you can’t touch, you can still look, of course - discreetly though.
The swimming pool: that most beloved of gay porn sets. Who hasn’t dreamt of all those ever-ready and available muscle bound hunks or gorgeous girls lounging around a sun-drenched pool ready to plunge into your deep end? Come on in, the water is fine! But a friendly warning: muscles going into spasm when you’re out of your depth is never a good idea, and chlorine may destroy bacteria, but the residue, shall we say, still remains. Would you be happy swallowing that? Find a nice secluded pool at a private villa – not the public baths during school holidays.