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This is another form of cruising or outdoor sex, also known as ‘dogging’. Is there anything better than getting down to it in the semi-seclusion of your car and feeling that big hand break between your legs? And think of all those hot, rampant truckers (male and female) who are taking a dinner break and stopping off in a lay bay - for all kinds of sandwiches! Parking lot sex can be between just the two of you, or anyone else who happens to pop by and peer through those misted up car windows. Just make sure your chassis is up to it, and avoid those in big, dirty anoraks.
These gatherings can include any number of partners. The important thing is that it’s consensual. In recent years sex parties - at least for gay men - have often involved the consumption of ‘Chems’ to enhance the sex. Know the risks and be careful what and how much you take. LGBT people are wonderfully relaxed when it comes to group sex: heterosexuals may call it ‘swinging parties’, we call it ‘afternoon tea’.
We all love it hot and dripping. But if you really want to turn up the heat, explore the scorchio scenarios of Wax Play. This key part of BDSM involves melting and then dripping candle wax on to the body. Whenever one plays with fire there are of course risks. However, the pain/pleasure dividends can be intense and one of a kind. Not deterred? Great. Reach for the matches and reignite the dying embers of your passion.