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Phone sex lines have existed for decades, and you’ll find them the smutty section at the back of many LGBT magazines alongside the escort ads. Indulge in your wildest fantasies with a stranger, or just make the requisite grunting and groaning noises – or if you want revenge on a noisy neighbour, scream the place down. Thanks to the joys of the internet, Skype sex is also now an option – but you have to comb your hair and put your teeth in for this one, of course. Then there are chat rooms, catering to every conceivable taste.
Gay Leather Men have long been one of the most recognisable figures in gay culture. And what figures they are! Who hasn’t had sticky dreams of being bent over and made airtight by a bulging beast in a leather bomber jacket? But a Gay Leather Fetish isn’t just a look. It’s an attitude.
Sadly, we spend most of our time here, so it’s almost inevitable that we’re going to be attracted to someone we work with at some stage in our lives. Similarly, our carnal urges don’t just come to us when we go home and turn off the lights, so why not sneak off to the toilet for a quicky with that hot guy or girl from accounts? Given there are often likely to be less LGBT people in a workplace than straights perhaps the chances of something saucy happening are greater. But it goes without saying: don’t get caught.