Love & Relationships18 to 41 years ● 500km around Turkey, Balıkesir one year ago
Looking for an intimate sexual friendship
Nothing special to say or describe. A married, bottom man in his 55, looking for a younger guy for NSA relationship. Love them tall, robust and hairy but, that's not written in stone! Love intimacy, good manners and washed clean guys!!
Love & Relationships20 to 40 years ● 25km around Greece, Athens 3 years ago
L.O.V.E- A Game of Our Heart's Desire
Every gay/bisexual/transgender guy in this planet dreams of having a perfect life with the 'perfect man', well I'm one of them. I know i am too young to say this but, "LOVE IS A SHITTY GAME". How could i say it that way, well simply because i had a small taste of love- Many times! Everything starts by Choosing/Searching, and when you hit the Bingo! you enter the game of love. You play it and then you lose it. But losing it doesn't mean not being happy, it's just that along the process and besides the feeling of happiness despair always comes next, and it is up to us if we just surrender and falteri n failure or fight for the love that you have and win the game! So for me that is L-O-V-E. To start odff about me, Well...I'm just a simple young guy, and i love Men! winks Men for me is my inspiration, they give me unexplainable happiness and desires in life that not even me could describe( i'm not just talking about sex HAHAHHA if that's what you're thinking). For me "MY MAN" gives me the good vibe of pushing through the day each and every day and finish it in a hot bath with him and cuddle after in the bed(this could be you! HAHAHAHAH). I can describe 'MY MAN" as someone with a good body, hot sexy beard, tall, kind, polite, loving, caring, sweet, ADVENTUROUS! etc... Soo are you up for me? HAHAHAHAHAH winks End
Love & Relationships18 to 26 years Philippines, Indangan 3 years ago

Similar preferences as bin mann der gerne küsst

His facial hair is impeccable; his pubic hair is trimmed to within an inch of its life; his legs are waxed like a Brazilian model; and even his eyebrows are plucked into the most perfect caterpillars. You can’t take your eyes off him as he saunters along the street in the latest designer gear, on his way to the gym where he’ll undertake the usual daily workout, which leaves most athletes looking lame. But today none of this means he’s gay. The term metrosexual, first used by Mark Simpson in 1994, is the single guy with plenty of disposable income, beloved by the consumer market. Look but don’t touch.
The word “twink” is mainly used among gay men to denote a young guy, usually just out of his teens. Definitions vary when it comes to age, but as a rule of thumb you stop being a twink when you hit 25, so these guys have a short shelf life and should make the most of it. Some gays guys chase twinks for all of their lives, discarding them once the first signs of maturity appear. The emphasis that our culture places on youth means that the twink has never gone out of fashion. But if you base your entire appeal on your twink status, you need a fall back plan when old Mother Time starts to do her work.
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