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I don't know what to do i've been dating this girl for 3 months its a long distance thing.things seem to be going good but i can't see her everyday.i'lll be moving back to salt lake in the fall for college.thats where shelby and most of my freinds are.so my x gf larissa's x shelby really likes me.i can't hide my feeling anymore i know i like her to.but larissa and i are really good friends.so if i did go out with shelby i could see her everyday. but i don't want to loose larissas friendship.so i guess what i'm trying to say is i need some advice.


this 3 months relationship? will u be ending it...? or is shelby the 3 months? if larissa has a problem with shelby u should talk to her and see where she stands and if shes fully against it ull have to pick between the friend or the girl. i always say friendship is important but if u really lik this girl ur friend should try to accept it too.

so really the advice i say is talk to them and be straight up honest with how u feel because they will too, u never know maybe they can work things out for u.


You have to decide what you want. Its hard and it sucks but that is what you have to do it. I don't know what you should do I would have to be in the relationship. I have made some hard decisions before regarding GF's but mine ended badly. I hope you the best and if you ever need someone to talk to send me an email on here.


When it comes to online relationships, you and your 'partner' need to agree and be clear on the fact that real life priorities are more important, and that if you two can't be together in person when other people are waiting in line, you need to give up the slot and be allowed to have relationships with people in real life.

Me and a girl in Washington State love one another very much. I've known her online for about 5 years now, In that time she got with a guy, got pregnant, left the guy, had her baby girl, I've seen the girl grow up more and more with each picture, and me and her stay in touch all touchy feely loving goodness. We honestly want to be with one another. But we made it clear that neither of us expects the other to hold out for us. so if either of us finds a person in real life who we want to have a relationship with, then that's fine.

Although from my observations, getting back together with exes doesn't last long. FYI


When your dating someone from off line you should make sure you are able to be with them in person. Its not easy wanting someone or haveing someone that you can't be with.


Dating on line is a bitch. Without the actual contact you dont get the contact or the love and it so feels alone. And it is alone in so many ways. So how do you sleep together realististically? You dont. And it hurts. I know. I have been trying to reach people through the internet for a long time, sometimes I get lucky and sometimes not. But stilll out there looking.


Pretty sure i'm single because my gf flipped out when i said i want an open relationship.that and i haven't talked to her for about week n shes ignoring everything i send her like texts and emails.