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i'd just thought that I would introduce my self. And start a new discussion about who had done the Day of Silence today.
Even if you didn't do it, what's something that you would WANT to do to end the silence?


I participated in the Day of Silence, and still am, actually. Frankly, I'm disappointed that not as many people did the same in my school as I had hoped.

Oh well. Can't expect much from rednecks. :\


Well, my school is full of ghetto ignorant people.
You say you're bi/gay, and if you're not accepted into the "group" then you get bombarded by a bunch of stupid questions.
kids these days.


I did it too and its pretty much the same at my school as well. Its like as soon as people find out your gay or bisexual they treat you like you have some kind of disease and they could catch it if they touch you or that your going to rape them or something. Yes, its all just very ignorant and childish.


We are holding a night of noise tonight as well as a dance for GAB tonight at our local martini bar. Which should be loads of fun..!

Oh I remember those days of being back in highschool.. Yet when I was in Highschool my friends and I didn't care what others thought of us. Course we were the typical "Outsiders" anyway. No one really paid much attention to us, least until we started making a little noise about how we didn't like school or how we were treated differently than the cheerleaders or the jocks.

Let me say this. It doesn't always get better even after highschool. There will always be that one group of people.. or several clusters of people that don't understand.. don't get.. and don't treat you the way you should be treated. Just gotta keep your head up high and try to not show them that it bugs you.

I hope everyone had a peaceful Day of Silence..


I had a man tell me, blatantly, that the 1,488 LGBTs who commit suicide each year are just weak and should hide who they are in order to survive.

He said this after two hours of conversation regarding Day of Silence. Fed up, I slapped him and then went home and cried. I didn't handle the situation with dignity, but I tried for two hours before I lost control.


People like that are exactly the reason why gays and bisexuals keep their silence for so long because they are afraid of being judged by others or that something bad is going to happen to them. I know because I was one of those teens that was afraid of people finding out that I was bisexual but now Im comfortable with who I am despite of what others might think or say about me. Its just really sad that other gay and bisexual people dont have that same security.


for those of you that do not speak out and come out it only gets worse... Trust me I hid from my sexuality till I was 17.. and I couldnt take it anymore... Yes, you will have those that disagree with your Lifestyle but they are just very close minded... coming out caused me to lose just about all of my family and it hurt but I was not about to let that get me down... I felt a huge relief when I finally came clean with the world... all though I had known all my life that I was a Lesbian... Granted my parents will not talk with me... It has only made me a stronger Woman... The way I handled it was to surround myself with the ones that did accept me for me and not what my lifestyle was... and didnt judge me... I dont know how much I can express to those of you that are still not out to your family and friends and the world that matter... how important it is to come clean with not only yourself but others as well... you will feel so much better when you finally do... Take it from me...