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Dating - Love and Romance

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Why is it so hard to find a woman to date? i go to some clubs, online profiles; chats; but none have worked. i have had meet & greets only to have most of them end up in smoke. any advice would b greatly considered.


i figure love is just something that natural falls into your lap, not litterly i wish it did but anyway off point. When your not really thinking about it too much and just on and off thinking about it, at the point of giving up you just happen to end up finding something later on.


agreed! its when you begin to least think about relationships and dating that you find someone


Most people find someone to date or a lover at work, college, or and a mutual place that you both enjoy going to...


yahh.. u know as much as i hate admitting it.. its very true ! all u can do is have faith keep trying, & dont give up hope. i tell myself the same thing & i have asked myself the same question.. dont give up hunn ! =)


Keep searching chica believe it or not she's looking for you too! So continue to network girl. Look at it this way you got to be to be special if the "regulars" can't satisfy you, maybe they are not on your level anyway. Maybe try more positive enviroments where you feel most comfortable cause at a club really everybody pretending to be somebody else anyway. I usually meet nice ladies at places where I'm relax at like the beach or one of my favorite cafe, somewhere positive and well-lighted(lol) like that! Keep fighting the good fight Romeo don't settle for less, you'll find the person your looking for just stay positive. (Smile)