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Can't seem to meet a nice girl. - Love and Romance

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I always seem to fall for people who treat me like crap. They seem nice at first but everyone I have been with has either cheated on me, been verbally abusive, lied to me or led me to believe we were going somewhere in our relationship that was really never going to happen. I seem to just settle for it and put up with it because I have never really known any different, but ever since the end of my last relationship 4 months ago I decided I wanted something different. I have never had romance, or the butterflys in the stomach or anything and I really want that kind of love/romance, at least once in my life. I have tried online dating, going out to clubs and other activities, being set up by friends but I still can't seem to meet a genuinely nice woman. I am not someone who has to be in a relationship to be happy, but it would be nice to find someone great. I just keep wondering what am I doing wrong? Where does a girl go to find a bit of romance :P


well i cnsider my self a very romantic poerson, is something that is within inside me and i feel it, maybe u have been with the wrong person,i dnt think that u ever done anyrhing wrong, sometimes some ppl just dnt seem to know how to treat a woman, yea there are arguments but i dnt think that abusive words are neccessary, stop lookin im sure one day the right one will find u!


I really hope what Andrea says is true, we all deserve to be happy....