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how to be her friend again? - Love and Romance

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My ex that I love still wants to be frinds and I know its just texting here and there but when I don't anything from her I feel better but as soon as I see a text or missed call from her I get sad and miss her and want her back. But I also miss my best firend??


you need to be selfish and stay strong, tell her you cant be friends just yet, you need time to heal. you never know, absent 's makes the heart grow fonder.... good luck in whatever you decide to do


Hey Irene, I have to agree with Lauren, u do have to think of yourself, I'm in the same position as u right now and it's not possible to be friends with someone u still love, especially when u will hear things that's will upset u, I would rather not know and have chance to heal, I deleted my ex from Facebook to save myself more pain from seeing what was written on her wall, good luck and I hope u manage to stay strong xx


i agree with Lauren. set some boundaries for a little while. it's not forever. you can't really be a friend right now anyway..not while you're wanting something more. you can even give your ex an estimated timeline...a few weeks? a month? and y'all can check in if you're good to be friends, yet. as long as you let her know that you need this space. then she can respect it good luck