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Chemistry - Love and Romance

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Maybe It's the chemistry,
The sparks that fly from you to me
I touch your skin, I feel alive
Been searching for you every night.

Where am I supposed to go?
I'm hoping that you won't say no
We've got all the time in the world.

It must be the chemistry, tonight
I hope you that know
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I won't let you go this time

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lets catch the air.... baby...and fly with the sparrow...
trap amazing..lady...take it out of the sun like a Raisin...
live out our hopes...man...focus like MM the Pope....
Believing in the greater..Baby....while working on our later...
i never met a broke hater...man....so don't follow the waiter..
Not with these eyes on beauty..ma....and my lips on cutey..
like thoughts easing in & out of you..baby....Pouring out like rain from this mysterious mouth...man...

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