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It can happen.....i think!!! - Love and Romance

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Ok...out of 6 women Iv'e asked ,who are in a relationship, only 5 agreed that u can actually like someone while ur in a relationship....Now, I am in a relationship n in my past i have liked sum1 else but i was in love with who i was wit at da time...How i see it is dat every1 goes thru dat or maybe just majority but we have because you cant help if ur turned on by sum1's looks or jus like their sense of humor but ur heart will keep u wit ur partner n will keep u from cheatin or doing sumthin foolish...If u dont agree please shed sum lite to y u dont...I feel us esp as beautiful women can like sumthin bout sum1 else but not meaning u wud leave who ur in love wit jus for sum looks,humor,toughness etc.....Let me kno wat ''Ya''ll'' beautiful creatures aka Women think lol!!!!


I totally agree with you there! I am now in a r/ship, have done for 2 years and I have seen some very sexy women but not touched them!


hey u can always look at da menu ....jus dont order lol lol


My only issue is that irresponsible ppl will do exactly that....try to test the waters thinking they won't gt caught. You know it only takes one time to cheat to break a heart.

I'm a flirt but I know its harmless fun.and nvr would I ever step out on my baby.but I know too many studs & fems who flirt & it always leads 2 something more.
But personally I think its very possible to look & don't touch!


i agree 100%....i cud neva break my wifey's heart ever....we actually look at sum females 2getha n i love it so i def dont agree wit testin waters but watchin da waves is kool lol lol dats bout it lol


it's a fact, ppl just don't wanna believe it, bc it scares them
the problem is just keeping it a crush, and nothing more
after a while it could just be admiration or something of the sort


It is so nice to check out all the beautiful women, but sometimes those sexy women want to take it a step too far and they are risking a relationship. I know they dont have what you have to lose. I know it looks good and they will taunt you with their nauvelty, but pass that by. It is just a pretty picture for now. you have the real thing. And it is passion that happens for you.


yea I have a passion for someone who lives in greenville and to be friends with other women is okay too. I wish she lived closer but I dream about flying on a giant snow goose and dropping by to see her- hug her- kiss her and what ever else happens -happens.
To me beauty is skin deep. Real beauty is in the persons spirit and you see that beauty that no one can. Pretty women are fine but its what inside too that counts and if they are players and lie I see it right away through it and they don't seem very pretty to me when they are like that. Now I am not saying pretty women are not pretty inside but as humans we like what we see at first sight and sometimes don't take the time to see what is there inside and all around them in their spiritual realm of who they really are. My sister who is very pretty- like a model wonders why people like me and are attracted to me when we were growing up as she never kept too many relationships for very long. I said be whole - not artificial and you will soon see a lot more about people and life around you.