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Cuddles & hugs and a man just to be a soulmate? - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Who's feeling all alone in South Wales? I know how you feel! Hope someone turns up for you. I'm hoping that myself! Not sure I'll find it here though, I'm not at all interested in sex for sex sake, short hook-ups or sordid little affairs. So many people here seem to be just after that. Have I got it wrong?

Is there anything wrong, or odd in just wanting a guy for hugs, for cuddles and to be someone who's always there?


awww, yea me too, im from London but good luck dude (: x


no theres nothing wrong with what you are saying and i have founds alot of guys are like that but oh well i will keep looking and waiting . good luck guys X


I think I'll return to Facebook &gt&gt I don't think this site really does anything, to be honest, but thanks for your replies!!