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sorry from the bottom of my heart - Love and Romance

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first i want to apologize for hurting her. I never meant to! I hid the truth about me being married , cause im trying to find away out and for fear of loosing her,,but i lost her anyway, i should have told her from the beginning..now ive learned to be better if i get another chance. I never thought i would fall this hard for her or any woman for that matter. But I did. I was and am a fool for doing what i did to her. She has every right to never talk to me again.

The thing about my marraige, i thought it was what i wanted, but it isnt, now i have to find away out and be alone. Im sooo angry at myself for this, and so im done~

time to go in reclusion and learn from my mistake..Im sorry again to everyone ....I hope you all can forgive me and help


When it comes to finally realizing who you are, she shouldn't hold it against you for the fact she should remember how hard is was coping with such a change. You should always be honest, yes, but fear is a mighty demon that can control even the strongest of wills. Your best bet is to let her cool off, let her think of what's happened and just hope she comes around. And when she does, explain to her that what you feel for her is so strong, unlike anything you've ever had before, that it was scarey... and even harder to cope with in your mind because of your marriage. It's not you wanted to decieve her or hurt her, but because your mind couldn't work with how quick everythng's changing and this new reality that you've come into.