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so i assume that i am mostly "chick-repellant" due to the fact that quite often people see me as a straight broad. well, except my co-workers, who have always known about my affinity towards women. haha. it's really disheartening when i go to the gay club and get overlooked cuz i don't "look the part". but then again, that's not me. i like to be colorful, and wear makeup and jewelry. i have met 3 chicks who gave me the time of day. i think i should be more friendly with strangers. yes! that's it... i just need to be more approachable. i really just wanted to post something on this forum/group... and also maybe complain a tad just for the hell of it.


Why don't you approach anyone in a gay bar? (not saying it is easy... trust me I know


Hey Newbie Girl ! You are not alone! I am what is defined as the "Lipstick Lesbian". Sounds like that is your category too.

It's kinda fun being in that grouping. I wear my perfume, lipstick, skirts, jewelry, nails.... And just when someone in your life thinks they know you, they get totally floored that you like women! That's about to be me here pretty soon, again.

I have lived at the same address for 7 yrs, and still haven't brought home a date, but when I do (Dear God, Make it SOON please!) most all my neighbors are going to buzz in a hurry! I'm gonna laugh!!! Not so much at them, but at the label they thought they knew me as. News travels fast in an apartment building.

Please don't think it's going to take you some ungodly amount of time to hook up with dates, that's been my own personal self inflicted curse! I have had a lot going on in the last seven yrs! Things will happen for you as they are meant to be. You are cute as a button, and the only expectations you have to measure up to are your own!

In my travels, I have seen several Rainbow friends, both guys and girls, wear a pinky ring. Recently I wanted to do something that was kind of a flag that I belong to the Gay team. Remembering the pinky rings while at a local carnival this summer, I found a vendor selling a small ring with two "Female Symbols", (you know, the circle with the little plus sign at the bottom), I put the ring on my pinky, and Wah-La! I have a small indicator now, for those that are looking and hunting, they know what team I'm on without guessing!!

If that isn't enough, put some rainbows around. On the car, on a shirt, just where ever, as long as it's tastefully done. Then those who want to approach you (from our team) will/might have an opener to start talking with you.

And yes dear one- always be a little bit daring, a little more nice, and I wish you good luck! It's not really that complicated to get on down the road when your rainbow is in front of you and you chase down the Gold!


hunny your hott, show it off and have fun. i'm actully thinking of getting a tatoo on my clevage of the two women symbles. intertwined and rainbow colors. therefore more excuse to show cleavage. lol, if i were there i would totally buy u a drink, well..good luck.,


Sometimes the women are really gorgeous and some women dont know If theat woman is already taken or if they are on the same level. Hey, sometimes those hot woman are a challenge. But some of use try anyway, because flirting is fun and hot women may surprise you.


Amen Teri Baker!!