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I FOUND MINE! - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I met a wonderful guy, back in May.... When I came to Wichita, KS... To visit my Drag Mama... Decided to move here two weeks ago...We had been keeping in touch, and learning about each other that whole time... And when I got here, we have REALLY HIT IT OFF!!! IMMA TELL YOU GUYS.... STOP LOOKING! & IT'LL HAPPEN!


Wonderful story, Percy! Hugs to you both!


thats nice percy good luck to you


Good show, Percy. I decided to give an online dating site another chance, fully knowing that most of them are a waste of time. Previous experiences taught me that it was. I ran the gauntlet. I gave a previous choice, another chance. I guess someone upstairs was watching because out of the thousands of possibilities, only one really jumped off the page. We over looked a few private messages, for we were only interested in a reply from each other. We eventually hooked up online and started the "get to know me" chats. It has now been just over a month and unfortunately, no time to connect face to face. Due to his work load, he has had no time. I stay up until 5:30am, just to have morning coffee and conversations with him. Yes, it's late but you know something, he's worth it! It's the little things like this, that matters. I'm sure when we do finally connect and the strong draw we have, we might very well knock this planet, off it's axis! Fate brought us together. For we were 2 lost souls in the vast sea of wanderers. Then something navigated us, towards each other. What ever power that was behind us connecting, we've stopped questioning it and decided to just accept the fact, it happened. Life is full of little surprises. This one was one hell-of-a-surprise!.
Good luck to you and your partner, Percy.