Bottom slut
I'm new to this. Wife now knows I'm gay. Needing to meet as many men as possible. I'm a bottom. Love to suck swallow. And just be used by men for pleasure. I want to show wife with pictures and videos.
New Friends5km around USA, Luverne 10 months ago
Would like to be in the middle of a group of men.
Would like to show wife and world. How gay I really am. Would like to be recorded swallowing loads of cum. Can be dressed up, or not. As long as I get treated like a horny gay slut. Being happy. My name is Kyle
Sexparties5km around USA, Luverne 11 months ago
Desperately need help
Came out to wife. I'm extremely gay. Bottom submissive, love to suck and swallow. I'm happiest when I'm making men happy. Wife didn't know how gay I was. I want to show her. So she will understand that I desperately need men.
Sex & Hookups40 to 60 years USA, Luverne 11 months ago

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