Male (61) Single

Love & Relationships18 to 45 years ● 25km around USA, Brainerd

Freethinker seeks compadre

I am someone who's got a lot of heart and compassion for my fellow man and an optimist who thinks the best of people until proven wrong. I'm intensely loyal to my friends, but don't ever betray me. My head is often in the clouds as I try to see things objectively and think of the whole world as my family. I have high ethical standards for myself and won't tolerate lies or deceit but am very compassionate to the weak and downtrodden. I hope, someday, to do something meaningful to help my raise up my fellow man. This is my burning desire. In a relationship, I seek a slim, younger brother type who I can partner with and mentor (not with money) to help is his and my personal growth. I'm not particularly concerned about the other person's exclusivity sexually as long as they are loyal to me emotionally.

Freethinker seeks compadre

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