I am usually laid back and maybe shy. I usually game/watch youtube and do sports like archery, I am also def very horny at times.

I am looking for an 18-20 yr old chub nerd looking for a first time sexual encounter.
I prefer hairless or smooth chubs, especially ones taller than me. Latino or Caucasian as well are preferred. An average size dick is ok, although a dick a little larger than that but fat and girthy would be awesome as well as big balls to play with. As far as what we would do there could be a variety of things. Ideally I want a tense situation involving cuddling, grinding, kissing, foreplay starting with clothes on and slowly stripping for a good while before doing oral or handjob/footjob type activities. A long lasting session is something I'm striving for with this. This would be my first time, so I may not know the proper ways to do everything or be the most effective at things which is why I am looking for a person in a similar situation so we can learn and figure it out together. Unless u live in my town I won't be able to get to whatever location you reside or any place you would want to do this at but if you could plan a location somewhere in haubstadt that would be vital. Can't wait to do this for the first time! I, like others hope that this experience will rival future experiences as far as enjoyability. Make sure to message, I am going to be very busy this month but I can find time to to do this somewhat easily. Make sure it will be easy to verify your age. may not be able to respond immediately. I will respond if you look attractive as far as my preferences go.

Sex & Hookups18 to 20 years ● 75km around USA, Haubstadt 4 months ago


New Friends18 to 30 years ● 25km around USA, Connersville one year ago

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