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Wanna Fuck?!! © 2004 - Writers Nook

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WANNA FUCK?!! © 2004
By: J`T.A.Z. (True Artistic Zen) Cortez

Yeah, that’s what I asked?
We all adults up in here so I’m being very brass
Do … you … wanna … fuck?

Not bone, shagging, or jumping up & down
Nor knocking boots, blending or spreading it all around
Shit… I mean fuck!

Tearing off them clothes when we hit the door
Fucking up the stairs all over the floor
Skin burns from rug burns
Pussy crunching head turns
Fucking for all that its worth
The sweetest of ***s when it hurts
Legs spread wide, or your ass in the air
Fucking you from the back or front
Shit… I don’t care!

I just wanna fuck the shit out of you
And your eyes tell me that you wanna be fucked too!
So let’s fuck!

No tired, lame ass descriptions for what I want
Pumping my fingers inside you while I suck that cunt
Me sucking that pussy
You riding my face
Orgasm after orgasm at lightening pace
Flip that ass over to straddle you from the back
Where you want it Boo, in that pussy or in your crack?
Never mind, I got this! I’m having it my way!
I’m here to fuck … fuck what you say!

It ain’t about nothing but a fucking Fuck!
No ties or strings, unless you want it rough
Wanna Fuck?!!

“If We Caress….COVER UP!”®
--Initiative For Writer’s of Erotica to Consciously And Responsibly Express Safe Sex…. www.ifwecaress.org

I was discussing an erotic short story I wrote with a friend of mine. She mentioned how many of the erotic stories written, never give mention of the practice of safe sex. It didn’t take longer than a pen stroke for me to see how imperative it is to depict my characters using protection. Erotica is read and heard by countless people, especially women, thus making this an excellent platform to voice awareness of STD’s, HIV/AIDS and the need to Cover Up for protection.

Caress means to stroke, which is another term for sex. Encompass in the word caress is the word care. Therefore, if we care about our partner(s) then we need to Cover up before we stroke them.

As a writer of erotica and poet we need to show our characters practicing safe sex to brand the message of “If We Caress….COVER UP!”®

Although poetry is of a genre in which we may not always be able to capture the use of safe sex in our prose, we can enlighten our audience in an after note by bringing awareness of STDs, HIV, and AIDS and how important it is for us to Cover Up!

“If We Caress….COVER UP!” in the midst of the erotic moment! Although we want the prelude of erotic sex, and the sensation from its thrill, we must use protection.

“If We Caress….COVER UP!” , strap up, and wrap up that dildo, tongue, and penis using condoms or dental dams to protect yourself and those you stroke.

“If We Caress….COVER UP!” and let’s be responsible about protecting ourselves and partners to prevent the spread of STD’s, HIV and AIDS.

I advocate that every writer of erotica take up the initiative to help prevent the spread of STD’s, HIV and AIDS but just showing that your characters do practice safe sex…“If We Caress….COVER UP!”!

“I lost my biggest fan, supporter and protector to AIDS, my brother, Raymond Bruce Boelter…So Brucie this is done in remembrance of you!”


--Initiative For Writer’s of Erotica to Consciously And Responsibly Express Safe Sex

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