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The Gay Stars!!! - Love and Romance

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Well i just decied to start a topic on all the stars of gay =)
my Gold stars where u at! say HEY! LOL and i love all stars =P
but i also want to hear about everyones first crush and how it turn out =P
i thought this we be a nice place to vent but also remencise
(Yes i know i can't spell XD damn typos)
but anyway plz share!!


Romeo this is your cue again. You know me I say freak'em and leave them wanting more but imma let Romeo speak on this since this is her department.

My First Crush
Wow my first crush my first REAL anything I just turn 17, sophmore it was the beginning of spring break and I was just feeling myself you know when you feel just about "ripe" to the other ones who's waitting for you to give them a chance to pop ur cherry for the first time!
Man my swagger was coming to full swing at that age I was getting hollas from the guys, and cat calls from the girls but there was one person who just made my heartbeat so fast that sometimes I couldn't breath cause of the rush!
She was my first real CRUSH I don't mean for a week, I mean I've been crushing on her since I was 8yrs old and her age well she was 26 at the time.

(That means when I was 8 she was 16 if ya not quick in math like that)

Yeah I got my hands on one of the finest females in Charleston but I had strings cause she use to babysit me, lucky me I was even a firt then! It was actually my mom who told me that she was in town cause she left after she graduated from high school but she still kept in contact with the family. I came home and my mom was like you got a guest waitting for you so I walked in the room and there she was, man my face got soooooooooooo red she was just like POW man she'd looked even better got tats, and piercings(you know I like that!) wearing this tight dress, hair cut short with bleach blonde color man she was tight in all the right spots! My poor little heart was in orbit when she hug me I though I was going to bust right there! Whispers in my ears that she wanted to see me, and ask me something personal. I think I let loose in my pants from too much excitement! I'm glad I held out cause she was mad worth the wait cause I wanted a pro and I just had alot of questions to ask but wanted real answers and not deadends and I got what I want!

My first, my teacher, my lover, my friend, she was the one change my whole world without the huge ego. She keep it real with me and didn't tried to hold me hostage or make me her pet, with her I improve so much sexually that I would not even talk to girls my age cause mentally I was on a different level than they were, I wanted the full grown I didn't want a girl with a "curfew" or "idenity issues" on who they are.
She taught me how to really love and not just say those words to say it!
She taughtt me how to f**k but with flare and passion not just humping damit lol you gotta leave'em satisfy even if it is for a nite remember "ur performance is your reputation", I will always remember that!

I say even a lover had a master once and she was definitly my "MASTER"
Well of course it didn't last forever her job relocated her to Ca but we were together 2.5 yrs I was 19 when she left but I wasn't sad at all. We both knew that we would part ways but we are glad we got the opportunity to explore these feelings we had for each other. She got her career and I got college, how many people do you know actually get a chance to do that? Not many for they always wonder the "what if" when I know what happen.

No Regrets
Much Love to My Master
Without her there would be no Romeo or Bandit


omfg THATS AWESOME!!! i love the teacher part omfg yes! and the "ur performance is ur reputation" never forgetting that XD
oh man -bows down before the master-
oh great master plz teach me
ok guess its my go should have done it before lol

My 1st Crush

my first real crush and the only real one i had since. i was in high school at the time i was in the 10th grade sophmore. i was a total nerd my head always in the books deep within anime, but i had one problem i never had a love intrest i mean like NEVER! so when everyone else was getting bf/gf i sat there wondering who do i like turn out to be no one at the time. and i thought i was werid i mean i study up on sex since i was at least about 7 or 8yrs old i took a karma sutra book out of the libray. anyway a couple of people i hang out with start asking well who do i like and what gender do i like. because some boy had liked me and wanted to go out with me so i'm like what? so i had to figure out i looked through the girls in my class and ...nothing. then we tried celebs but i said i dont use them as my guide to my ideal person. so we left class feeling disappointed and i felt more like an out cast then ever.

Then BAM there she was i stopped in my tracks and my mouth drop to the ground. and i stood there as she walked pass she looked at me and smile and walk pass me. i still stood there with my mouth open until one of my friends was like come on "we are gonna be late for class."

And i left for my class now after that class guess what... she was right there! in my damn class i almost panic but i was soo giddy as well i try to do everything to impress her. told her things i was into what i could play that i ,learn how to do the waltz and if she wanted me to teach her one day. i mean this girl voice would even send shivers down my spine i thought i was gonna die from her touching me let alone speaking to me esp. with those eyes. i mean i just put myself out there we were cool that she was talking to me or whatever and if she needed help with her work i helped her but i was still drooling over her i mean she was the girl everyone wanted.

now after awhile she could tell i had a thing for her and yes somewhere around this time i finally knew i was gay i knew all along but it just took me actually falling for a girl that hard to make me reliaze. she got a bf around this time as well my homeboy chris that i was cool with she was dating him at the time. i think it was her birthday so the day before i was all giddy trying to find her a present and card to tell her how i really felt. so i sat the card and this cute teddy bear with a heart on its chest,he wore a cape and a mask. but to my surprise she wasnt in school and so it sat there until after class i got it but i think some one saw me because the day she came back she was acting werid.

now this what i'm about to tell is the most important part of the whole story that day and those words change my life and i was no longer the shy girl who didnt talk to anyone.

i was late for school i didnt even want to go because i felt like such an idoit but i went anyway. i was right on time for the class we did have together -.-;; lucky me. anyway i sat in front like i usually do and she sat in the back and talked to her friends. i was doing my work and the teacher because he was prasing me about my poetry blah blah. when i heard her say hey guys who would u rather date a beatuiful girl or an ugly guy. of course all the girls was stra8 and said a guy and she looked at me and i looked at her she said the guy to with such cold and pirecing eyes. i started to cry right then and there teacher as me was i ok and i said yes went to the bathroom and got myself together and went to my next class. she basically toture me for the rest of the 10th grade year. then came the long summer and something happen then....


The Second Chance

Now during the 10th grade year I had my heartbroken and I was humiliated. I didn’t want to go anywhere just wanted to stay in the house. (I did date a guy for a little while he was in my school so I said hey I’ll give it a go but he kept trying to kiss me and I was naw this isn’t going to work by the 2nd week I said that lol and it was over.) But I was always on the net and chatting with people which made me feel a lot better. And one day out of nowhere some one sent me an instant message and we got to talking for a bit and to remind u again I was basically so shy and innocent on the outside but oh man was I dirty perv on the inside. I think she was in her late 20’s and she lived in my area I mean real close. So I decided to go over her house which wasn’t far I stuck out at night and ran to her house. Now when I got there she was a Wolf man and I was the lamb she was going to tear me apart and then some lol. But all we really did was chit chat because the first night I was sooo afraid and scared. When she realize as we start talking that I wasn’t her type I was the same as her a Wolf so she told me “kid I’m going to teach u some things and next time when this girl sees u she’ll realize she made a mistake but not only that the way u feel inside will show on the outside” I was like ok! After many hours of “Training” lol and not really dirty training XD well it was dirty but I just watched as she practice on someone else to teach me how to “perform” in the bedroom. It was very entertaining lol XD
She also taught me how to speak to women when u first me them or whatever I knew how but I didn’t know how to put it in to word s also with out looking dumb and standing there drooling I remember she said “everyone has there own charm kid and urs is obviously that of a perv so own it!” and I sure did XD

I learnt how to use my “charm” to my advantage. I went out got my first gf that way as well =P
Now anyway I came back 11th grade year I was all smiles I was feeling good I felt reborn! And man did I showed it I went to my homeroom class that day and guess who was there yup u guessed Candace (This is her name btw) now when I walked in got my class schedule and walk out I could hear her say “What happen to crystal?” oh man did that made my day! I knew she was regretting it now then that year we had all class together expect for our trade and it was like even in 12th it was *** on her she was now with her new bf I forgot his name but I was cool with him to. Anyway in 12th grade was when I was on my 3rd gf and the one I’m still dating omfg is she fine she is like BAM BAM BAM in all the right places.
And this year we had drama class together now we were sitting on opposite ends of each other she was on one side of the room I was on another now I didn’t really care about her that much after all I had big things popping lol but she still had a piece of my heart because it would still race every time I saw her and I swear everyday I could feel her stare at me and I would look up she would turn her head like she wasn’t staring because the 11th grade and 12th grade year I didn’t speak to her I only spoke to her once I’ll get to that later. anyway everyone was wondering who I was dating because it’s the 12th grade year and no one knew and my home girl Latoya (not how u spell her name forgot XD) was like” girl who are u dating now u keep talking about all these girls and I even saw a girl pick ur ass up who the hell was that?” then everyone in class was like “yeah who the hell was that she was fine!” I was like “it’s a girl I flirt with all the time she’s cool but we are just friends”
They were like” wtf (the boys) how can u be friends with a girl like her! I mean I’ll be hitting that every night” and I’m like ok but she doesn’t want u she wants me =P. now they are still on my back about who I’m dating so I tell them and show them a pic and they was like ur dating her? Wtf?!?! Damn u got game Shorty lol xD” so everyone in the whole class was staring at the pic but her they all came to my desk to see the pic. Then finally I guess she worked up the courage to see and she saw the pic looked at me saw the pic again looked at me saw it again looked at me I kind of laugh and was like what? I saw the jealously in her eyes then the bell ring I got my phone and went to lunch.
Then it was those days she gave me those stares days she try to make me jealous with her bf and days she wanted to get close to me but couldn’t.
Now near the end of 12th grade in my English class it was only four of us there me, her, and some other two chicks we had to pair up and do a little project. So of course it was me and her go figure anyway I acted like I was bored because I was texting my gf anyway at the time and she looked at me and ask am I boring u omfg those eyes made me go omg she still got me. So I said “no” and we had to do this project about where we went to be later on in life or whatever. We talked for the whole class I think she enjoy the conversation as much as I did.
Then came graduation day now everyone was saying their last goodbyes and I said goodbye to most people but not everyone I wanted to. And at the door waiting was her I walked right passed her and she just looked at me walk right out the door. Now I didn’t mean to do that it was just that I was being rush and didn’t have time and I was trying to find the people I really did want to say good bye to and we wasn’t all the close remind u. now I saw her recently around town and I was like omg it was like high school all over again I walked pass her and she walked pass me we didn’t speak still don’t. Now I will not have a “what if” moment because I know she is too uncertain of her self to know what she really wants. Because I did try again (somewhat) and yeah just so u know ^^;


I'd love the whole thing, she probably would of freaked out on you anyway!
She sounds like a spaz anyway im glad u let her go!

Most H.S girls ain't good for nothing but drama and confusion now I'm really glad I didn't date any of them, well its not like I wanted to! College girls and older women are so much better! Thanks for preying on a precocious girl like me, I see ya ladies!

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