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My coming-out is done 😘 I start my onlyfans


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Hello to all 
Well, I'm going for it for years I hid my sexuality but today I'm taking the step and assume my pleasure I hope you'll like my content a few months ago I don't dare to talk about my sexuality but now I feel totally free 🤪 and I don't want to hide anymore 

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Newdudenudes is a good place to come out. It gets worldwide exposure. My name there is Friesbaconnekid, and this is the text from my page.

I am so pleased at the results of sharing this profile with a close friend in the Kalispell, Montana area. As I had hoped, he shared it with another friend, who shared it with another, and on and on. Dozens of my friends and family have now seen my pictures, which is what we all really hope will happen. If I were just gay, I wouldn't care, but a faggot slut needs the exposure to get more cocks. Please keep sharing my pictures, so more of my friends can see me servicing cocks. Anal slut. More about the other guy in my photos. I found him on Craigslist. I recognized him immediately, even with his face blacked out. I arranged to meet him, and he was to be blindfolded when I arrived. He was, sitting naked in a chair. I took off my clothes, and went over and started stroking his cock. I worked my way down and started sucking him, taking a break every once in awhile, and putting my cock in his mouth. I gave him the best blow job I could, taking him as far in my mouth as I could, sucking and licking his balls. I sucked him for over an hour, bringing him to the edge and back many times. I would feel his cock start to swell, and I would stop, even as he tried to fuck my mouth deep. I'd put my cock back in his mouth, and he sucked my load out and swallowed it. I went back down on him, and brought him right to the edge of cumming. I told him to take off his blindfold. I kept my head down so he couldn't see my face, and kept sucking until he came in my mouth. I swallowed his load, and continued sucking and licking him until he was soft. When I looked up at him, was the first time he knew he had just got a blow job from his son in law, and had sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. We started sucking each other regularly then, and on our third meeting, I asked him to fuck me. He was pretty good at it! Worked out great, as neither his wife, or mine thought anything about us spending a lot of time together. When they still lived in this area, I sucked him 3-4 times a week, he would suck me once or twice. I was always more interested in taking his cock in my ass. I'm in North West Montana. If you travel through to Glacier Park or one of the ski areas, stop by and fuck me, and we'll suck each other.


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