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Live in slave.


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Where can I find men willing to take me in as a full time sissy slave to serve and be used as a sex object.?

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While this is a super hot fantasy of mine, it is a lot of responsibility for both the Domanant and the submissive. 

A 24/7 slave is a big commitment from both the Dom and the sub, a requirement of the dom would literally be to look after you in every aspect 24/7 including food, water, clothing, hygiene etc, with undying loyalty in turn.

A 24/7 sub would be giving up EVERYTHING including basic choices like when to eat, when to sleep, when to bathe etc.

I have seen these types of relationships or Dynamics in the world of BDSM but they can take years upon years of trust building, 100% honesty and a lot of trust. 


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