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Missing *** of guys

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A while back I met up with a straight guy.

"No gay guy could humiliate me, if they did I would be his slave" the guy said.

A challenge I had to accept, so I managed to get him outside, he removed his shoes and socks, and t.shirt, as I asked him to.

Then without warning he was handcuffed too a tree and gagged, and his jeans and boxers were removed. 

I left him there handcuffed to a tree, opposite a fully packed out pub. I went back to him after closing time. 

After all the punters had seen him tied and gagged to a tree whilst naked.

He said he had never been so humiliated and he became my slave for a week.

I miss doing that sort of stuff.

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oh such a beautiful position to be in.....i'd enjoy being in such a *** position for so many uses by all others, recorded as well

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