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feeling like im loosing her? need advice on my broken heart...please :( - Love and Romance

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ive been with this girl for two months now and its been good, but lately our schedules have been crazy and we havent seen eachother in three weeks...im going insane..i miss her like crazy..and i know she feels the same...but she has been talking bout being so frustarated she doesnt know what to think or do? i have this really sad sinking feeling she is thinking of calling it quits cause of this...
Im really sad over it cause i really love her and want to make it work...but my heart is feeling like she wants to end it!

Being i avent been a woman since my last breakup a few years back..this relationship i gave my all..and now i feel sad that it is going away..like a piece of my heart is broken ...not sure if im going t be able to be the same ....i dont know anymore?

just soo sad right now...listening to my Idol Michael Jackson" Dont walk away" and " She's out of my life" is all thats playing in these walls of my home....

need advice on how to deal


first, your relationship isnt over. There are a lot of long distance relationships going on even on here. They learn to make the most of how to do with the time they have together. You must decide if this is something you can deal with. It is frustrastrating, but can is the love you have between you enough to deal with the length of time apart. Dont start pulling away until you both have sat down and decided the pros and cons of this long distance type of relationship and how to get together when you are able and how to make those times special. Sometimes those days can be very romantic.


i agree with teri on comunicating with her befor u make a move.


I agree with you Crystal- This is a hard time to get through, and the frustration has to be getting to the both of you.

Did you talk with your partner at all during the last 3 wks? Does she call you?

I think that sometimes our levels of TLC with each other tends to vary over time, and personalities. You sound like you have a strong gut feeling about where you are at in deciding if this relationship will last. Sometimes that gut feeling can come at just the right time.

I'd make it a priority to get in a position where you and she are eye-to-eye and figure out what her heart is saying. Just like Teri advised earlier.

You'll never know for sure one way or another, until you get that in-person meeting, even if it's just a coffee at the all night Perkins or Denny's restaurant.

I wish you good luck, and that everything turns out for the good of both of you


Its about quality time, not how much or how often .that and communication. it takes 2 to keep the lines of communication open,active so if shes not doing her part to meet you half way then shes not as into the relationship as you are and obviously not ready right now to devote herself so question yourself whether or not how much participation you are willing to give and stand by it.and even if you dont feel like it choose other , more positive music


Thank you everyone for the advice! My partner and I have discussed it long and hard and decided our love is stronger than our ***s...We both dont want to walk away or let go...so we are going to work it out...Thank you again..having the community here for me..means a lot to me!

Love this site and my new family here...hugs to you all be safe and love always



really work on it. Set up special times to have date night. Make each time special. Write special notes or letters. It isnt over till you actually give up. That is too easy. Good luck


thank you soo much teri..i will definetly try that..i send love texts and call her when we are not together. i baught her flowers when we were together and had a romantic dinner...it does take work..but i will try harder...thanks again
i really appreciate the advice and tips

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