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Gender Male
Age 24
Status Single
Height 180cm
Weight 90kg
Body shape Chubby
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Long
Nationality Finnish
Religion Atheist
Identity Just me
How out Totally out
Zodiac sign Gemini
Smoker No
Tattoos No
Piercings No
I can speak English

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accessible person but life has made me reserved. I dont like crowded places of pretty much anykind, they make me feel ill. I have a bad self esteem because of my overweight but I cant stand the idea of a gym and healthy food is expensive here among everything else so diet is same as buying a new car.
Im also bit of a geek, like to build miniatures and such. takes my mind away from bad things when I can focus on doing something like that. dont even know rules to play with them actually.


imma virgin so anything is new... + this is embarrassing to me. gives you…

...tons of hot guys and interesting people to meet up with in Kauhajoki. If you prefer to see who's around, do some ‘window shopping’ first. If you know what you want, search by selecting the right category. Nobody stays alone here for long!

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Quit your excuses! Get fit… for free!

How many times have you heard someone say: “Wow, that guy’s fit!"? I know I’ve said it plenty of times myself (LOL) but is he really fit? You know, fit in the sense of physically in shape and not in the sense of drop dead gorgeous?
There’s a section of the gay community that's heavily into the More… gym, but this isn't sexuality exclusive - the straight side of the fence have that too, so this is probably a sexuality neutral issue, but the question remains, what makes a person ‘fit’?
Health and fitness are good for us. It makes us look better, feel better, operate better on a day-to-day basis, and once you’ve done some form of fitness, you tend to know when you’re not feeling your peak best. Fitness lifts your spirit, and your insides work a lot better afterward. But let's look deeper than that, well, lower anyway!
Bum’s the word! Can I talk buttocks for a moment? Now I’m not some ‘power top’ as the new UK TV show Cucumber recently put it (great show by the way), but being a gay man, I do like to see a nice bottom. Now you can have an absolutely slim twink or an average guy who doesn't do any form of exercise, but probably eats two lettuce leaves a week and thus maintains a trim body, but, or more so BUTT, you can certainly tell if a nice bottom has had exercise. There's something very nice about a fit, toned, worked-out set of cheeks, usually belonging to a jogger or cyclist.
We're sure there's a six-pack hiding under that teeny vest!
For other people, it might be a nice set of toned arms, a firm abdomen, or even the legendary six-pack (mine is on a long-term undercover operation, but I believe it’s there somewhere), which gets all the attention. Six-packs: are they overrated or what? I don't need a guy to have one: I’m happy with someone that tends to have looked after himself to a degree, but a lot of guys work hard to get one, as if that very body part will gain them an elite membership to some very special club.
No excuses!
One thing I think many of us agree on is that when we’re overweight, we tend to not feel good about ourselves. You may also not feel good about what other people think about you, although for the most part, this shouldn't be top of your list. I know there are people that like heavier guys, the overweight bulge, but in the main, it’s not what turns people on, and everyone likes to feel that they look attractive right? So what's your reason for not being in shape?
"I don't have time for all that.”
"I can't afford it: gym memberships are expensive.”
"I don't feel confident enough to walk into a health and fitness center.”
Yes! I’ve heard all of those too, but what’s really stopping you, deep down?
Running is free and one of the best ways to lose weight (sorry, beach not included)
Now if you’re reading this just because of the hot pictures above, and perhaps you're someone that's never exercised that much, ask yourself why? Is it one of the big three above? Time, money or confidence seem to be the things that prevent most people from doing something. So why not get fit for free?! Personally, I’ve been a low-income kind of guy for most of my life, and never had a gym membership, but over the years I’ve indulged in a lot of free fitness. To start, walking is free, easy to do, and can be made part of your everyday life. I added jogging to that over the years, and still do so from time to time. Cycling is even better as you get to sit down while exercising: now come on, you can't get better than that, can you?
Get motivated!
Why not try some form of fitness today? Within the next 24 hours if you’re reading this at night. Go on, make that move. Sedentary exercise is good for you, but, if you haven't tried anything heart pounding, it is better than any drug I've never taken! The adrenaline you get from running even just three miles... it feels like your entire body has been flushed out with some cleansing fluid. If you haven’t done it before, or for a while, you may cough and splutter for a bit, but don't let that stop you as it's just your lungs having a clear out and you'll feel so much better afterward. If the weather is too cold for outdoor activity, then give badminton a go, or any racquet sport: it will equally get your heart pounding but in short spurts rather than endurance.
If cycling gives you a butt like that... sign us up!
If looked after properly, our bodies will keep us active and able right up until our later years. I remember hiking up some hills about a decade a go: I was on a camping trip, carrying a 100-litre rucksack packed to capacity. It was HEAVY and a stunningly hot day, and I was struggling. One foot in front of the other up this steep rocky ascent, making slow but steady progress… and then I got overtaken by this very slim guy in his 70s. I was in combat gear, and we got chatting as he was ex-army. He told me he walked the hills each morning and had done since he retired. I was in awe of his fitness: even without my rucksack, this hill was a hard climb.
Only last year I was out cycling with a group of friends, and we were overtaken by this very thin guy: he was 75. One of the guys knew him, and said that he cycled 50 miles every day without fail.
Now these guys are perhaps exceptions: not everybody is going to love exercise to the same degree, but I do feel that we should strive to do some every day, and some decent form once or twice a week. So, when are you going to start making some changes?

Joonasjpg excuses? well I have a real reason that is heart problems. I cant run nor go to gym with out risking a heart attack. so saying that all are just excuses why not do something. well try this and than see what is your reason not to do something. do you also stuff nuts down the throat of someone who is allergic to them and say 'its just an excuse why not to eat these'. excuses? well I have a real reason that is heart problems. I cant run nor go to gym with out risking a heart attack. so saying that all are just excuses why not do something. well try this and than see what is your reason not to do something. do you also stuff nuts down the throat of someone who is allergic to them and say 'its just an excuse why not to eat these'.
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