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Gender Male
Age 28
Status Single
Orientation Gay
Religion Agnostic
Zodiac sign Gemini

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looks determine how many are after you. charm determines how badly they want you. cleverness determines what lengths they will go to have you. and mystery is what makes them stay.

~dr. harleen quinzel
i'm super picky, but not stupid-picky, all the pickinesses have reasons, but it means i've never really bothered trying to date anyone. i hate this website, is where it's at, find me on there, make a profile, i actually put effort into that profile and it says deep shit about me or whatever. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have to move to a very large metropolis to be able to find someone to really love, but i'd love to be proved wrong. you have to think. that's important. most people don't fucking think.

does anyone else find the whole camp/personality thing a little bizarre? hippie is a gross over-simplification, and, simultaneously, an exaggeration, i don't just go around telling people that they should bone trees, but i kinda idolize my parents' generation. personality i woulda said extroverted and intellectual, but i'm not gonna pick one. i'm not really agnostic either, it's just i lack the conviction to be an atheist; i'm not gonna be sure until i'm dead. gives you…

...tons of hot guys and interesting people to meet up with in New Orleans. If you prefer to see who's around, do some ‘window shopping’ first. If you know what you want, search by selecting the right category. Nobody stays alone here for long!

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