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Gender Male
Age 28
Status Single
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

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  • Chat
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As humans we all deserve to be loved and respected.No human is perfect or better than the other.We are all equal and unique in our own ways.We are all one people.
To me good communication and honesty is the key to a every successful relationship.I will ideally love to find someone who will like to share part of my life...

You will soon be dead. Life will sometimes seem long and tough and, God, it’s tiring. And you will sometimes be happy and sometimes sad. And then you will be old and soon you will be dead.There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence,learn to love,be kind to people and live your life to the fullest...

Life is short.So in my opinion,i believe life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can, taking pride in whatever you’re doing, having compassion,offering a helping hand to those who need it,sharing ideas, running, being enthusiastic. And then there’s love, and wine, and sex, and art and also seeing many of the nice things nature has to offer.Life is simple and beautiful.I hope to meet some good people on here..Thanks for reading. gives you…

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