Community Standards

To ensure a positive experience for everyone on please take a moment to read the following:

Be friendly
Please be friendly and tolerant of other members. Do not use to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse others or express views which may be considered to be racist, bigoted or hateful towards another individual, group, culture, race, religion or sexuality. Abusers will have their profile blocked and/or result in having their profile deleted.

Be considerate
Please be considerate to others. Don't deliberately disrupt conversations or participate in offensive behaviour. Disruptive or offensive behaviour includes making derogatory remarks, USING CAPITAL LETTERS and filling up the screen with the same letter or gibberish. Abusers will have their profile blocked and/or result in having their profile deleted.

Respect each other's differences
We're a diverse bunch with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, races, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, religions, ages and other preferences which form our identity and the way we live. You don't have to agree with someone else's views but it's important to respect that everyone has the right to express them without prejudice, discrimination or abuse.

Your safety is very important to us. Please take note of the following to take care of your own safety:

Be Smart - Don't give out personal information straight away and never send money or give your bank details to anybody. Keep your phone number, email address, full name and address to yourself.

Be Sure - Get to know someone first. Exchange message then arrange a chat so you can talk in 'real time', and swap photos. While you might like to talk on the phone, try not to give out your number immediately.

Be Safe - If you decide to meet any members, try to meet in a busy place with other people around, like a cafe, bar, restaurant or shopping centre/mall. We advise you not to arrange to meet someone at your house the first time you meet. Likewise, don’t take someone back to your house until you feel sure about them. If you're concerned about another member, please report them.

Harassment and Disputes
Do not harass any member and you must agree to stop contacting any other member who has requested you to stop. Failure to do so will result in a blocked profile. has no intent or interest in getting involved in domestic or private disputes between members and will not become involved in any disputes between members..

You alone are responsible for ensuring that your interaction with other members is lawful. advises you that there may be risks of dealing with members acting under false pretences or with criminal intent. cannot control what happens between members once they decide to meet in person. However, if you encounter behaviour that may be deemed harmful to other members, please contact us with full details and we may (if deemed appropriate) warn, suspend or delete the offending member's profile.

You alone are responsible for the message content you transmit to other members. You will ensure that it is appropriate and is not in breach of the Terms & Conditions. does not in ordinary circumstances review or censor member message content but reserves the right to delete messages which contain advertising or which regards as spam, or to review messages if there is a reported breach of conduct or if required by the relevant authorities.

Forum Rules
Our forums are there for you to use as a place to express yourself and naturally there are some ground rules that we must abide by. Please note that although our forums are visible to everyone, only those who have a account (members) are able to post or respond to posts.

All members automatically accept the following rules regarding any content made in the forum, the message system and the community as a whole (in addition to any eventual consequences resulting from them): Denunciations, harassment, insults, offences, spam, advertisements, vilifications of any kind are not allowed and can lead to the immediate blocking of the corresponding account as a result.

Responsibility for the contributions does not assume any liability or responsibility for the public contributions made in the forum or magazine. The liability and responsibility lies with the author of the contribution and any subsequent posts that may violate the rules.

Forum behaviour
When writing contributions and opening topics, keep an appropriate style. If we see a member that violates this rule repeatedly, they may get blocked from the forum without prior notification. Likewise, if any member detects another member violating the forum rules, it can be reported to a moderator via the ‘Flag post’ button.

Use of moderators moderators ensure the compliance of the forum rules. In case of infringement they reserve the right to make temporarily or permanently remove individual contributions, or profiles as a result in severe circumstances.

Forum language
The forum language relates to the specific domain; this means, on in German, on in English. Contributions that are written completely or partially in other languages can be deleted or edited.

Right to delete a contribution
The author of a post establishes an unlimited right of use of their contribution to the forum by their operators and users. The right to delete the contributions is transferred to the forum operators (

Sharing personal contact info
The publication of phone numbers as well as email addresses or homepage (links) are not allowed in any way. The same applies for Messenger data (i.e. Skype either full or partial addresses).

Fake Profiles
If you suspect a fake profile or have a complaint about another member, you can report it to our Support Team. . Please include the corresponding subject title of the forum post, the nickname and any evidence (screenshots where possible).

Incorrectly labelled forum content
Posts should always be in the appropriate section and have a descriptive title. Contributions that aren't in the appropriate section will be considered as "off-topic" and can be moved to the corresponding section (or deleted) without prior notification.

Publication of photos in the Forum
All photos published in the forum must comply the photo rules. Uniforms, sexual content, photos with weapons, children or animals are not allowed. Photos can be deleted without prior notification and in cases of recurrence after warning, can lead to accounts being permanently blocked. Team
Oct 2016