I am a gay boy that is skinny and wants to loose their virginity to a hot, muscular, hunky man that would really give me a night to remember and maybe find someone to be with for the rest of my life. I have a good bum and love my makeup so anyone with some big meat, cum plug my hole...
Love & Relationships18 to 21 years ● 25km around UK, Norwich 6 months ago
Round 2
Hey my name is jess I love animals and I'm starting to go to the gym, I work with horses , I have done 4yrs in college 2yrs doing animal care and 2yrs doing different equine courses I have 5 tattoos and wanting more
Love & Relationships22 to 29 years ● 5km around UK, Pembrokeshire 6 months ago
Hi I'm looking for a man from 40 years
I'm looking for a man from 40 years. Who knows what monogamy is. And strive for a clean and real serious relationship. Strive for unbridled and wild love that will grow every day. I'm not looking for a man my age because they are empty and I think only about sex.
Love & Relationships40 to 70 years ● 500km around USA, California City one year ago
I am new to this site. Not looking for anything in particular. Will know what I see him and see how far he is, but for now I will just chat a bit. Just browsing for now...will add more once I see how this site works.
Love & Relationships21 to 35 years ● 150km around USA, Onslow one year ago
Looking for the partner whom to share life with
I'd like to meet someone who's understanding, sensitive, caring, loyal and who could both, a friend and a lover. Someone who's not looking for a faithful, funny, sincere guy with the prospect of spending the rest of our lives together.
Love & Relationships45 to 62 years ● 75km around USA, Queens one year ago
I love sincere and wonderful people, who care about others. People that makes something out of nothing I have heard a lot about online dating so i decided to give a try I am single and still searching
Love & Relationships45 to 50 years ● 5km around USA, Bexar one year ago
Looking to complete me
Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.The most beautiful thing is to see a person you love smiling. And even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind it.When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is everything.Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option
Love & Relationships30 to 80 years ● 5km around Philippines, Balulang one year ago
I have been single for 6 years. I am starting to crave companionship. I would like to meet people and see what develops. I love animal and music. I play guitar in a local band. I have 1 daughter who is grown and does not live with me
Love & Relationships56 to 70 years ● 5km around USA, Lafayette one year ago
Ok grat dear friend
I love a beautiful person and myself also so i believe in bisexuality and willing to find a beautiful one and honest for myself and to be together tell end of my life and can do everything with each other in a good time and enjoy the best way for our life Thanks dear friends.
Love & Relationships20 to 80 years Pakistan, Pishin one year ago
Looking for that somone special ..
I'm hoping to date, with the possibility of exploring a relationship, because to me, everything is much more worthwhile when shared with someone special the one i can settle down with confortably . Could that be you? Let's chat and see...
Love & Relationships31 to 68 years ● 25km around USA, Miami one year ago
Love & Relationships18 to 41 years ● 500km around Turkey, Balıkesir one year ago
i am deaf
I'm a serious deaf man nice and cute. I really like kissing suck and bugger. I'm looking for engagement. I do not like escort. I love good and kind people, I hate bad and selfish people. If you want I have whatsapp or something else.
Love & Relationships18 to 40 years ● 5km around Italy, Linera one year ago
All i always wanted is a man to love be happy.
Divorced and a father of a my beautiful daughter. am indeed a understanding person and will always give your opinion a chance. i have learnt a lot from just listening and i will never stop doing that. you can ask anything and i will get to answer you as a good friend. trust me
Love & Relationships20 to 66 years USA, Prince William one year ago
wanna to know more relationship and love children
I'm look for relationship and want have children together future. Who want to have children to support together, to be happy family together. I like Bisexual girl to accept who I am to trust in love, loyal and share love with children.
Love & Relationships18 to 31 years ● 50km around USA, Niles one year ago
Just need a Mr.Right
Whenever who you are or where you are, if click I can move into your area even is worldwide. Nothing much to say in here, not mind your age height or weight and even your race also. Just one term and condition is be faithful..
Single lonely loving man looking for love
Hi, I'm looking for gay friends and possible serious relationship with a gay man. I've been alone for over 14 years and i need a man back in my life to be complete once again. I hope my Soul Mate is out there. Is it you? Lets chat and find out.
Love & Relationships35 to 65 years ● 50km around USA, Chesterfield one year ago
cd bottom iso top
gentlemen im an older crossdresser iso nice top guy for friendship lovemaking kissing foreplay im 6 ft thin sexy legs nice ass 55 dont look it in the phila area smooth body looking for regular meetups no blow and goes
Love & Relationships37 to 69 years ● 5km around USA, Bucks one year ago
Hi I’m looking for dating and love.
I’m Japanese guy who want have greate time with nice guy who is kind.I like watching movies!I go to the gym to work out.I’d like to have dates with hot guy.I like cuddles,kissing,oral sex.I’m versatile.
Love & Relationships18 to 70 years Japan, Haraichi one year ago
Looking For Long Term Relationship
I am searching for someone for an LTR Long-Term-Relationship. Must be honest, sincere, loyal, caring, adventurer, monogamous and want lots of loving. I enjoy going out to movies, swimming, diving, parks as well as staying home to cuddle in front of a tv show. I like younger guys who has it all together with little or no drama... Just contact me, I might!!!!
Love & Relationships25 to 60 years ● 500km around USA, Rockledge one year ago
I need me a soul-mate
I'm looking for someone to share some time with, I'm not a "people pleaser" though I do enjoy making others happy, doing things because I'm a giver, I love the movies.I enjoy cooking, I think cooking for someone is an expression of love and sharing. I can work a grill and have been getting creative with fruit and veggie smoothies and am cutting back on carbs.Miscellaneous facts about me: I am totally devoted to the ones I love. I will ask what you will like to do, where you'd like to go, etc. But when real decisions need to be made, I seek counsel, make a decision and own it. Once my friend, is a friend for life. I have a nutty sense of humor, (sometimes dry, sometime sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate, but I never intend to disrespect anyone). I'm a big softy on the inside. It may take a little while to see my real charm, but people who knows me,love me, and tolerate me
Love & Relationships50 to 75 years USA, Riverside one year ago
looking for my better half..............................................................................................................................................................................
Love & Relationships40 to 70 years USA, Carol Stream one year ago
alguien interesante sexi
estoy abierto a todo amistad ,pareja o sexo solo busco gente carismática seria ,leal ,soy carismático serio sexi ,me gusta la música ,la cocina, la gente educada y habladora,no gusta la gente mala clase
Love & Relationships26 to 40 years ● 5km around Colombia, Itagüí one year ago
Looking for Lifetime Partner
I am looking for a lifetime unconditional loving person. I am 5'4", interested in many subjects especially Live Music and listening to music. I want someone who wants to be with me a lot and share each other's lives. Someone when he says that he sticks with his partner through thick and thin....MEANS it. If you seek a lifetime partner, sharing life together and do lots of activities together, contact me. I am a very unusual man in general thinking. Hope to hear from you very soon.
Love & Relationships58 to 78 years ● 5km around USA, Cinnaminson one year ago
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