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looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Looking for LOVE!!!

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What you see is what you get,Im 5 10 tall, slim 30"w 38"c,9 stone.blue eyes.spikey hair,from middlesbrough,Looking for fun friendship but hopefully for a relationship again im wishing.Im a Friendly & Fun guy when u get to know me.

Was married 26 years but came out year 2000, got 2 sons im proud of.but more happy now the way i am living,out in the open, but would be nice to have a guy in my life.


Its good to know that you are being honest about yourself. I just got out of a relationship that I wasn't happy in. Im looking for that special guy to put the LO back into LOVE for me. I love long walks, going to the movies, talking about the future and thinking about bettering my self. I would love to get married some day but I wan't to meet the right guy for me. I smoke cigs and drink (social Drinker) U look hot...... For me honesty is the best policy. You have 2 sons and are a proud parent. Me I want to have kids but on the lines of adoption. It don't matter because anybody can adopt. I want to be with somone that can help me raise children. The role that I play in a relationship is the woman because I rather have a strong man to take care of me. I cook and clean. Can you be my mister right?