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Looking to become a sperm donor

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I'm a computer programmer, web designer & amateur musician in my late forties living in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm "asexual" (which means I'm not straight, gay or bi), but would like to become a sperm donor to a single woman or lesbian couple. I'm interested in the idea of "co-parenting" (that would involve me donating sperm, and having a part in bringing up the child/children). Has anyone on the forum done this? If so how did the arrangement work, did you draw up a legal agreement, how is the experience for you? Has anyone on here not done it but would like to, or is thinking about it?


Thanks Mark I will definitely check those out. This all seems more difficult than I thought it was going to be, but hopefully I'll get there in the end


I know it's probably a bit sad to have posted 2 replies to my own thread... just wanted to put up a link to my blog, if any of you are interested it's about trying to become a co-parent. http://daddyacenz.tumblr.com