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Have you Ever ??? - Love and Romance

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have you ever felt like you are alone even though your in a relationship with someone, I mean How do you deal with ?? or How do you push yourself to a point to leave ?? or better yet when your with that person and there always doing something else like for example texting ALL F'N day and the moment you say something about what there doing they try to flip the conversation to something about you . or for another example there simply to secretive and your constantly hearing things about them , and you try not to believe it yet there constantly doing things to make you think differently.... Than what do you do ?? when your tied down to a relationship yet your still truly alone !!!!


i have had a similar problem. Probably we all have. Your lover is interacting with someone else and getting what she needs from someone else if she is with you. Mine was cheating and my friends told me what she was doing and she said she loved me, but she was giving flowers to my friend and they were telling me. I wouldnt believe it. I trusted her too much and she broke my heart. If you are concerned, ask her if she needs some changes in the relationship, and if she is happy with the way things are going. And if you are not happy, get out. You are lonely, i know the feeling.


Girl, I feel your pain...but the sad truth about this whole thing is it sounds like you really don't want to let go bcuz you haven't as of yet so somewhere deep down inside you feel that the relationship is worth holding on to but I'll ask you this and answer it truthfullyl...Are you totally happy? The thing with me is I decided that my happiness and time was more valuable than hers...Hell you only live life once so why waste any time or precious moments on people who dont appreciate you..Obviously and I don't mean to be rude but "YOU AINT IT IN HER WORLD ANYMORE" maybe you once was but not now..I think you are a very beautiful person and I feel that you deserve bettter and I don't even know you so with that said....Live ur life and do you and be happy while doing kick that brawd to the curb and keep it moving you are worth so much more my beautiful black QUEEN...KEEP YA HEAD UP AND HOLLA IF YOU NEED ME.......


Teri Baker " So true ive been thru something similar to that... I mean in this case we talk all the time about it I tell her all the time yet she still seems a little distant I told her I would give her time apart but she says shes happy and she doesnt want that , but thats exactly how I feel like she is getting everything she needs mentally from her so called FRIENDS so Im in away trying to pull myself away from hurting myself maybe I just take things to personal I have not a clue what to do !!!!

"Tawanna Kindell " - I do feel my relationship is worth holding on to and it takes 4ever for me to love someone truly but when I do I love hard and I go 4 it and ill go thru anything with that person until I fully feel there is nothing else I can do.. and Yes I am truly happy with her but I dont feel she is completely happy with being with me ya know ? so that kinda makes me sad inside but I tend to pretend like it doesnt get to me Im truly a soft person I just have a hard shell ... and Thank you so very much im trying to figure it out but if I cant and I do have to leave its going to be hard but I can pull myself thru anything and thats the truth , and im going to add you I would def. Like to chat with both of guys sometimes so keep touch and thats for reading I know it was terribly long lol but I had to get it out !!


one time when I was unhappy in a relationship, i took a sheet of paper and on one side I listed al the things that were good about her and the relationship, and on the opposite side i wrote all the things that disturbed me about her and the relationship and i realized how truly unhappy i really wasl That was the end of that relationshi[