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It's hard for a sixteen year old lesbian to find somebody, especially when they're as picky as I am. I'm not permiscuious (I don't date anything in a skirt), but even if I was, nobody seems even slightly interested in me, and all the girls I crush on are either straight or taken. I'm loving and loyal, and I never even thing of cheating, even if I'm in a long-distance relationship, but it seems like I'm swimming the wrong way sometimes. (not that I'm questing my being gay...it's just very difficult)

How do you meet nice people when you're so young?


I'm 14 going on 15 soon, and I know what it's like. Be patient though, soon enough you'll find people your own age to your likings and everything.
There are some groups on here specifically for teens. Search around, you're sure to find some. Also, try searching for some people in your area, or LGBT groups. You're bound to find something. =)


i know what its like to feel that way and being a part of the LGBT community can feel extremely lonely if you don't know any other lesbians, it's hard because most people your age are still in the closet or just coming out and just aren't that open about it but you should keep in mind that patience pays off. we usually find the best things when we're not actually looking for them. so hey, maybe someone will show up when you least expect it. all i can do is wish you luck =]


I been single for four years now, I had two chicks who I would have dates, but they weren't interrested in a relationship at all, none around my age seems serious. Or I just get attracted to the wrong girls it seems. Soo for the 22 years old me, im quite lonely and bored about this, Id like a girl, but the only persons interrested in me are guys, bleh ! But I guess when you are about your age, school would be one of the place to find a girl, but as Yoli said, even me was still in the closet when I was 14-16.


go other places that are gay friendly, like a gay church or find the local mental health facility and ask if they have a gay group you can join, look in the phone book for a gay hot line, find out if your area has a local gay newspaper and find out what is happening in the area. There are some places in the summer that are having festivals in the summer. Find some of these places. Also try the gay yellow pages. Keep yourself busy stuff and you will find someone when you dont even know they were there.