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all my single ladie's(and partnerd people) - Love and Romance

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hey i was just curios what every one likes in a partner. what are your turn on's and off's. what kind of person are yall interested in..


I like the romantic side to a person. My turn on is when the person makes the most of a bad time. Lets say you come home and you had a long day, and the person makes you dinner, nice massage and just cuddle the night away. My turn off is complaining. Be happy with what you got because it can always be worse. I love studs, butchs, aggressive women, etc. Its so many labels but am attracted to all of em of that type.


you know i started this and i forgot to list mine...
i love a woman who can make me laugh...a woman i can get so mad at but shes just so beautiful all of the anger go's away. i love some one who love's animals. i love girls who speak there mind and aren't afraid of what people may say. a love a woman that will wrap her arms around me for no reason. some one i can say i love you to and they will reply back. i love tattoos piercings. im not picky because i love a girl for whats inside not whats out. i love romantic evening's on the couch. my turn off would have to be over aggressive girls by that i mean they are rude or mean to other people.