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Frustration. - Love and Romance

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I've always felt attracted to women, but I would like to be absolutely sure of my sexual orientation before I come out to my family. I've never been with a woman, never kissed a woman, or held her hand, but I have been with men and I did not enjoy a single minute of it. I can appreciate their masculine beauty, but I'm not attracted to them, if that makes sense, and being with a man was unfulfilling.
Coming from such a religious background, one is sure to not make these kinds of decisions lightly and I would love to meet someone who is a little more confident than I am and is willing to be patient with me. Is there anyone out there with any advice on how to meet and make conversation with women? In my area, if there are any lesbians at all, they're ashamed of it (which is sad). It's the reason why I turned to the internet. I've been wrestling with this for years with no success.
Any pointers on how to "get started" would be hugely appreciated. Also, I'm pretty much a prude so sex tips are not what I'm asking for. I just want to get to know and love a woman who will love me in return. Thanks in advance!

- MaCayla


I found that the internet broke the ice to meeting women in your area. You can check out places like Curve magazine for social arenas to meet people. I am sorry that it's difficult to meet people in your area.

Good luck!


Hey, I understand how you feel because I'm kind of in the same boat. I don't have any suggestions since I'm still working on that myself, but good luck with everything!