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Personal Introduction - Love and Romance

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So I couldn't find an introduction topic for new group members, and since that's usually how people get there names and faces out there for the first time I thought I'd make one for myself (and potentially others if the idea catches on!) and hope I don't come off as a complete idiot.

Hiya, I'm Maya. I'm new to the site, and joined because I have little to no social circle and even fewer dating prospects (and by fewer I mean none). I'm hoping to meet new friends and maybe meet someone special, though the latter might be difficult since I'm kind of still heartbroken over my fiancee leaving me just before our anniversary this year. Regardless, I thought I should say hi and introduce myself, so here I am! COME AND TALK TO ME, PLEASE!


i think this is a fantastic idea Maya.. P.S Love the name!!!

ok so ummm.... I'm Bryony. I'm also new to the site, and like you i joined because i have no soail life and no dateing prospects! I'll be the first to admit im not the easyest person to get to no, i'm panefully shy and barely say 2 words to anybody but if you take the time to get to no me i'll soon warm up 2 you then it's sometimes hard to get me to shut up! I'm not reely sure what else to say so if you wanna no anything else just ask!!! (no promises are being made i'll answer but you can ask!)


Yo, i'm Lea. Not to new to the site but hardly been on it and i'm like never around ppl like me cause i live in a small town and am stuck here for a bit. I joined in hopes to get to meet people and get to know 'em.
I'm totally like you Bryon, in person anyways. But after a short time i'm so out and hyped to be your friend. (is sick and tired of being called "cute" and "sweet" from such things as her blushing when first trying to talk to someone and being herself) I'm pushing away my shyness tho so ^.^


Hey, Im De'ja, new to the site.Looking to meet new people and make new friends. I dont have many bi gay or lesbian friends, so I joined to have people to talk to who can relate relationship wise or any way. I have a girlfriend who I've been with for over a year now, would like to meet people around the area, other couples or anyone. Im very shy and quiet, and my gf is like the complete opposite (my other half) so.. just message me, would love to meet anyone to talk to.. I'm not completely out, so looking for people to really talk to who can help me make my transition 'out the closet'


Hey maya whats good sorry to hear that bout ur x. Mine did me kinda the same. I got dumpped on my birthday last yr cuz my x thought she found the right one. come to find out she wasnt and has been since may my birthday again, lol to try to get back with me. So i feel u on that pain.
Hey de'ja whats up look thats cool u got a girl that is the total other part of u. Comin out for me was a bit hard to some of my friends n family kinda pushed me away but i didnt care cuz they werent in my bed with whom i wanted. What i have learned to do is never give people more info than they need to know just to be safe on me from bein treted diff from others. Mainly feel out the sit and if comfortable then easily tell whom ever.


Hi Everyone, I'm Leja (pronounced like Leah) I'm new to the site and group. Hoping to meet some cool peeps and whatever else is a bonus hehe. I love clubbing, chillin, movies, going to the beach in the summer, traveling, shopping etc.. I'm laid back and easy to get along with. Hoping you all are having a great day xoxoxo


Hi everyone...Im new to the site as well...I havent any friends I actually see face to face because Im a bit off a shut in...ok Im a big shut in lol.Go out on Thursdays only to go to therapy.My name is Nicole and I was bisexual....yet now Im a lez.My real taste for love was ruined by my ex gf Danielle.I loved everything about her and she didnt really know I was a girl because I lied to try and calm her down to be with me.Now Im open about my sexuality and my dad doesnt know yet...dont plan on telling him...looking for that special girl that may want deep love and passion every day and doesnt mind my flaws.Basically...Im looking for someone I can make a mommy ^_^.I would love to be a daddy and do as much as I can to make my family happy.Though I cant be a real guy Im trying my best to earn money to get a surgery...breast reduction.I love all....looks dont matter as long as they love me^_^