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asian guy looking for LTR... - Looking for LOVE!!!

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hi,im looking for a partner...i hope i can find someone that is willing to share everything with me...i am very loyal,sweet,a great cook...im looking a well established gay man(top),i prefer muscular,lean body,not too fat nor too skinny,beefy,bear,matured...from age 25-50..

i am 19 y.o...staying at malaysia,student...my families hate me,they knew that i am gay..since i was a kid,my parents always abandoned me...i feel awful and sad..but now my father had passed away,so my mother keep treat me like i'm nobody even though i am the eldest son...that is why im looking for a partner...

i am a muslim but i consider myself as an atheist...i enjoy music,arts,sea,mountains,wine testing,foods,cooking....I really hope i could find someone that loves me,willing to cherish my life as much as possible....


sorry to here your family hates you sad whan stuff like that happins i hope you find some good in your life and things get better for you


hi, i feel sorry for you and your family, anyway i just think maybe we can be friend, (not ltr cause i still concern on my study first), is ok for you?