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Why dont they say anything???????? - Love and Romance

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i think my mom knows im gay. see, i haven't come out yet to my family, its just my friends who know... and im not ready to be out and proud to my family either... but anyway back to the topic.

i think my mom and several family(cousins/siblings) members are aware that i might be gay or "something" . and the thing that annoys me most is the fact that no one has said anything. even after i had left my p.c open with weird gay staff... she didn't ask or even acknowledge it. even when i dress like a boy, most of the time... my mom just shrugs or gimme an eyes but never utters out her thoughts... its frustrating... i know i am never going to mouth it out... so its either they ask and know or pretend to be ignorant and just live in this invisible blob of lies.

i just want them to save me from having to say it.. because im definitely sure that i am never going to say it.


Have you ever thought that maybe they're thinking the same thing? That they wish YOU would just say something and stop living "in this invisible blob of lies"? I don't know your family, but perhaps they're just being respectful of the fact that you're obviously not ready to come out to them? It's not THEIR job to get it out there, it's YOURS.


AHHh... made it clear... thanx


Yea..Im the same way I havent come out to my family...and they are probably thinking the same as well. I dont plan on coming out anytime soon until i maybe get in a relationship...they are probably waiting for u to feel comfortable enough to come out or it might not even be a concern to them


believe me its a concern because they hate gay people