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Introductions! Tells us a bit about you here :)

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Hey everyone!

It would be great if everyone could introduce themselves! Say Hi, and tell us where you hail from.

I'll start, I'm and hail from London, UK...but currently living in Barcelona, Spain! Sun, Sand and S...angria! I am the community manager here at Gays.com and I’m super excited about our community and can’t wait to get to know you all! I love hearing your ideas too…so don’t feel shy to come and talk to me!



I'm Max, from northern Sweden (it's not as cold here as it sounds). I've studied social psychology a couple of years but are now working in a small dock so I get a great tan. Sadly, there's no Sangria here .. I'm a musician and plays saxophone whenever I can. When I can't, I listen to new music, like pop, jazz, indie etc.

My biggest dreams so far is to move to Stockholm and get a job at some sort of clothes store.



Im a published novelist. Just started posting queer horror short stories on fictionpress.com.


I'm Eddie from the Philippines and I want to have friends here.....


my name here is stormywolf, people call me storm or stormy, im from the Usa and i want to have friends here