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Well if the person you clinging with looks at you with wide open eyes they usually don't approve your clinginess. When you find yourself wrapped around people all the time is usually a sign. It usually is from some insecurity. My sister was like that most of her life and sometimes especially these days people are not as affectionate as they use to be. People like their own space and don't like to be crowded. If your around friends that hang on each other often then that is another thing. But don't do it constantly. As people like to have their own area of freedom and if you cling on to them too much your depriving them of that.
The best way to stop is ask people for a hug if you think they feel you are too clingy. Good space is 2 to 3 feet apart from where I learned it from. HOpe that helps you.


Hi Valerie,
I have found that when one feels the need to ask questions such as this one, there is good reason to believe that there is a concern; that there is a good possibility that there may be some clinginess going on. I will use myself as an example; maybe someone said something to me to indicate that you I am clingy. I don’t know the situation. I do believe however, that if you have to ask, then there may that possibility. I hope that made sense.

I personally have never been one to be clingy, so I wouldn’t know how to stop. I do agree with Jeanie that sometimes clinginess can be a sign of some insecurity. In order to stop clinging, the insecurity has to be addressed. I hope that helps.


Hi Valerie, for me a clingy person who be someone who would always want to be around u,doing everything that u do,going everywhere u go and calling all the time. I also agree with Jeanie,yep give them that space. Smiles


how I know I'm clingy is when I see my lover they sigh Or give you reasons why you should leave the room


i know im clingy and i think it does have to do with me being insecure but i also think that one of the reasons im clingy is because my dad died when i was young so i get paranoid easily and sorta kinda freak out...just a little...haha
thank you everyone for your input. right now i'm doing everything i can to stop being so clingy. i love my girlfriend and i keep pushing her away with clingyness :/


Do some meditation with yourself. Anything that helps you relax. Take off all your security blankets - wether they be shoes, a hat, make-up anything that keeps you from being you. Then find a quiet spot and explore your mind at rest. Maybe light a candle and concentrate on the candle, or a soft sound that helps you forget about any outside confusion. Then practice completely relaxing and shut out the world. Keep practicing this and you will start to find how your thinking changes, and you will find yourself and who you really are and you won't believe how it opens up new thoughts and changes your prespective of life. I used to stretch and relax and play soft music and started to see a difference in me . In fact I need to do that again now that I am out of work as I am so stressed right now. Thanks for the reminder! Your cute by the way and I am sure have a great personality.